%PDF-1.2 %���� When all the candles have been placed, help students count the candles on each cake and interpret the results. In A Letter to Amyby Ezra Jack Keats, Peter is inviting only one girl to his birthday party: his friend Amy. You will need one candle for each student. This packet includes a graphic organizer used to describe the character traits of a good, Guided Reading/Read Aloud Plan for A Letter To Amyby Ezra Jack KeatsGuided Reading Level K -vocabulary picture word wall cards organized by chapter (perfect for ESL ELL students) -vocabulary worksheet for students -comprehension questions for each chapter. Vocabulary questions Math: It was Amy! Also included in: Ezra Jack Keats Author Study | Distance Learning, Also included in: Grades K to 2 Literacy Bundle Distance Learning School or At Home Reading. Grab these sound cards (flashcards) for practicing the vowel letter A using CVC and CVCE words to know the difference between a short A and a long A! Great, Practice learning and writing the upper case letters of the alphabet with these cute apple-themed digital tracing activities! - IRA Lesson Plan Challenge/Extend Following the above model, students can scan illustrations from other independently read books, create a slide show, and make a presentation to classmates. Try the activity again, using different wishes from the list. H��W�r�8��&/��,F˲��rb�s�Ʃس��� ��(�Pf4�����q�E��v�R�ht��>}0f�ޫ��1[�ވ�f�l��ު�Go�$�/��S6�-�_Y�Ig����lz��h�f�Qt3�i4���q����ޛ�ޫ�&l��V��ۊ� V�&��xv����F��h4����>NsvW�����d2�&�kQ�B��Etҿ,��Q�! Write students' ideas on a sheet of chart paper. Make connections throughout the day in your classrooms by extending storytime into your centers. Story Map An originally written Birth, This packet includes: Write each one on a large sticky note and attach the wishes to the cake shapes. Students can have fun exploring the properties of wind with a wind sock art project. n�tM��Y��l��O5�zVk �+��36 B�H�^�s���դ��fŰ��vK�I! Ask: Invite children to talk about any birthday parties they may have had. (If you have an oscillating fan, you can also experiment with wind direction.). PreK–K, He looked for Amy, but she had run off crying. will kickstart your year in the right direction! Cut candle shapes from the colored construction paper. Help students read each wish. Encourage students to tell you what information they think is important to include in their announcements (they might like to look in the book for reference). Assign each student a secret "Postcard Pal." A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats You will receive:1. An originally written Birth Will Amy get the letter in time? There is one person he would like to give a special invitation to-- a girl named Amy. A Letter to Amy is a 1968 children's picture book by American author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats. Multiple choice comprehension task cards with response form and answer key3. This story's themes of communication and friendship are sure to resonate with boys and girls alike. Try these fun extension activities for the book A Letter to Amy, by Ezra Jack Keats. Have students write messages to their Postcard Pals. Encourage students to deliver their mail by matching the name and number on the postcard to the correct mailbox address. Visual sequencing images allow for increased independence and success with daily living skills. Why did Peter have so much trouble mailing the letter? In his great hurry, Peter bumped into Amy. When students are done decorating, help them cut a slit in the lid of the shoebox. Thank you for your purchase! Printable worksheets with text from both sets of task cards4. Help students cover the tops of the jars tightly with plastic wrap. Multiple choice comprehension task cards with response form and answer key3. When children are learning their uppercase letters with Mister Smith's Letter Recognition Program I also like to simultaneously teach the concept of sequencing the alphabet. Mailing a Letter Sequencing: great for sequencing and retelling the steps. Have students write their pal's name and "address" on the right side of a postcard. On the day of the party, encourage students to thank their guests for coming to join in the fun. You might like to keep a supply of postcards in your writing center so students can send one another messages throughout the year. Let children take turns holding their wind socks in front of the fan (with the tails facing away from the fan). The very first thing we need to work on is just singing the Alphabet Song clearly. Use this creative, primary lined, reader's response sheet after reading Ezra Jack Keat's "A Letter to Amy." What happens to the tissue strips? 2. These fun 25 kindergarten math and literacy printable worksheets are a No Prep, fun way to start out the school year. Children can also experiment by running at different speeds with their socks in hand. Would you rather get a letter in the mail from a special friend, or talk to them on the phone? �@LF�㎪�('�ı����C��+!2�Ng�f��Ae������[�p�D�Ӂ\k� ���HZ��eg����������̧ Quickly, he stuffed the letter into the mailbox. What do you think will happen to the letter? Variation: You can also try sending the postcards through the real postal service. Students are tasked with connecting to the text by writing about a friend that is important to them. ;tt$�5"N:�0m�>�����eo>{�!>C™8��h��m-�tOO��m� �qK���v5�#���@��&E1��Q��w���k���G�m�v�� _�딻�t��`����H�(l�u�4]+��݁`G2Ґ�iq�!�������@�H�q�:G��hy۟2��]� �3t�W�y�w'dKQ