They are selected from a pool of 12 possible questions. While it might be an addiction, some games sit in the middle of being neither too easy nor too hard. I want to move on from this game soon, and I don’t really want to have to wait for Ubisoft to fix the problem because I think it might be a while. Ubisoft messed up with a previous patch which altered the location at ‘Submerged Minoan Palace’ (South of Keos) from 2/2 to 1/1. Note that the armor pieces do not have to be a part of a set, just so long as they're five pieces, you'll be eligible for this trophy. Below is a brief text guide of the fight. If you do the Hydrea quests first you have 23 quests total and can skip a few. Then go to a blacksmith and engrave one weapon with the other’s bonus attribute. Either use the Sparta Kick skill as the finishing blow or unequip your weapon in the inventory to fight with bare fists. Töte alle Ältesten vom „Orden des Sturms“ in Achaia. In your ability tree, you will notice a lot of abilities that can be upgraded up to 3 different stages. Nothing is highlighted. Darunter eine Platin-, zwei Gold-, zehn Silber- und 38 Bronze-Trophäen. Also, you'll notice that this game has a lot of dialogue choices that can affect the story and/or quest narrative in some way. For this you must kill ALL Cultists for their Artifact Fragments. Just from a story-telling standpoint I found this confusing because I was leveling for a day and met a hundred NPCs in between. Playing with male or female character doesn’t change the romance trophy, right? Is there anyway to take these trophies without making new game plus. » Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – All Sphinx Riddle Solutions. The Fate of Atlantis: Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide, Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 1 DLC Trophy Guide. What this means is that you can make fewer mistakes than on lower difficulties, and sometimes even just one can “Desyncronize” you before you can blink. For “Herme’s Homie” you must clear the gray fog from the map and step on every little island (even the very tiny ones that have no gray fog and are part of island groups). Besiege einen ganzen Zweig von Kosmos-Kultisten. The fastest way is to go to a big enemy fort and keep fighting the enemies for a few minutes. Arena Location (Pephka Region, the big island at bottom right side of map): » Also see Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Leveling Guide. This quest unlocks after Main Story Quest “United Front” in Sequence 7. The Hippokrates questline starts with side quest “Hunting Party” in Boeotia region. Look out for “Aphrodite’s Embrace” (sleep with a character) since it’s technically missable, but there are lots of opportunities for it. Much like the last trophy, this one requires the player to upgrade their ship to a legendary status. This is the only gold trophy in the game that is non-story related, if that tells you anything about the difficulty of this one. To my knowledge, absolutely no difference from an achievement/trophy perspective. Enjoy the game any way you see fit on whatever difficulty you prefer. The earliest opportunity is in Sequence 3, because Megaris (where you have your first story-related conquest battle in Sequence 2) does not count for this. I was worried about it, but I had enough by the time I did everything else and probably still had done about 60% of the old upgrades before getting the mercenary perk. I found a work around on a forum that worked for me. Also, there is a visual guide of the entire fight below if you'd prefer that instead. Soft Leather you get mostly from hunting animals. Fallout, Metro, Far Cry: Keinen Bock mehr auf Endzeit! First off, AMAZING job on the trophy guide, as you you always do. We’ve also listed some of our most popular guides for the game below to give you a helping hand. Simply exploring points of interests, you can potentially find some of the clues needed for their location. Bonus Tip: One Legendary Lieutenant “Evie” is from Ubisoft Club (for free). Explore Caves, Shipwrecks, etc. is there something to do before going there ? If you haven’t used XP boosters you are probably level 47 and must grind out the last levels. A Family’s Legacy Starting Location (Sequence 7 after main quest “United Front”): The upgrades require resources. entirety of the Nation Power purple bar depleted to zero, red bar on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Below is a list of each quest that is needed to be completed to be able to fight the Minotaur: Once all quests are finished, you will be ready to fight the Minotaur. That means it’s an automatic story unlock, no way to miss it. Obsidian Islands: This includes the zones. Pick a weapon or armor piece you want to engrave and then pick the improvement you want. I’ve spend at least 10 hours on these islands. Just the 42 underwater locations need to be completed. Gewinne deine erste Eroberungsschlacht an Land in einer Region (ausgenommen Megaris im Heldenabenteuer). Xenia’s Questline starts on Keos at the start of Sequence 7 with her side quest “Birds of a Feather” (note: you meet Xenia in Story Sequence 5 but her questline requires you to proceed to Sequence 7). I assume you need to replay those first 8 hours in the full version to pop the trophies. 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