Memories relived using the Animus console,, This memory was initially only available through linking. Aveline de Grandpré went to New York to find Officer Davidson, who would be able to give more insight into the identity of the Company Man. While this act put a strain on the relationship between her parents, both Aveline and her mother Jeanne … Aveline killed George Davidson and, having uncovered the identity of the Company Man, returned to New Orleans. This is a huge step on Ubisoft’s part, and I’m both impressed and proud that they’ve made this choice. Intending to chase after Davidson, Connor was impeded by a group of his guards. Connor's Way was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories. Connor: That regiment passed through here. Aveline: I seek a loyalist – Officer Davidson, of Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment. We will follow them carefully. Aveline: Connor? Appearance Technical information 4. Especially when the reception was so expected. Connor Kenway and Aveline de Grandpré. Connor and Aveline climbed the frozen waterfall and made their way to a broken bridge, battling loyalist troops along the way. I'm Aveline de Grandpré your... "brother" from New Orleans. After she got across, she lowered a beam, allowing Connor to cross and proceed to the fort. 6. Memory type Location New York, British America Source Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Date Connor's Way Connor killed the men and caught up with Aveline. Ratonhnhaké:ton This....this is my compromise." I will hold off these men. Aveline de Grandpré is an African/French assassin, the only black female video game character I can think of besides Rochelle of Left 4 Dead 2, and from what I can tell a complete and total badass. Connor … Aveline was born in New Orleans on 20 June 1747 to Philippe de Grandpré and his African placée bride, Jeanne. 1. In the 20th century, one of her des… Upon entering the fort, he lit a fuse on a stack of explosive barrels, causing the diversion he promised Aveline. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Look at the destruction they left. Historical information Abandoning Pretense "For at my side walks hope. Aveline: Over there! However, due to the nature of her exploits, some workers, such as Patience Gibbs, doubted Aveline was a real individual, instead seeing her as a figure of legend. Main 3. After dealing with them, he noticed Aveline had destroyed Davidson's wagon and had caught up to him. Connor made his way to the fort, scaling a damaged wall to get in. Connor: A trap! 2,916 likes. Keep after the sentry. Their trail leads this way. Aveline de Grandpré (1747 – unknown) was a French-African Assassin who lived in the area of New Orleans, ... Later, when Aveline was sent to New York to meet Connor in order to take down the British Officer of the loyalist Ethiopian regiment of Lord North, who had information on the identity of the "Company Man", Aveline shockingly discovered George's allegiance to the Templar Order. Description Aveline's actions allowed the Assassins to gain the upper hand in New Orleans, with the city having been purged of Templar influence by the late 18th century.As well as this, her continuous efforts to help slaves led her name to become very well-known amongst them, with her fame eventually extending as far as Newport. However, when her father's business began to suffer, he married Madeleine de L'Isle, the daughter of one of his investors, in 1752. Connor: Yes. Achillestold me you would come. 2. 5. Connor crosses paths with Aveline. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Next Previous In the face of all that insists I turn back, I carry on. Through the trees! Connor met with Aveline in the New York Frontier. Connor waited for Aveline to cross the bridge, using her whip for assistance. The explosion caused Davidson to attempt to flee in a carriage. Granted freedom along with her mother at birth, Aveline grew up in a caring and considerate environment, protected by her father's wealth and influence within the city. 1777 Connor met with Aveline in the New York Frontier. A Fool's Errand