Typical starting salaries for UK-based charity roles (mostly based in London) that provide administrative support to overseas programmes is between £19,000-£25,000, while typical salaries for UK posts with a minimum of three years' experience (most likely in management roles), is between £25,000 and £40,000. It really depends on the abilities and experience you have to offer, and in the long term, if you progress to a management role in a large charity, you can expect your salary to be substantial. That’s a huge reason why London salaries have jumped in order to compete with the regions.”. Salary information comes from 429 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. Third Sector has analysed more than 1,500 job ads across 13 disciplines to find the answer. Dance says that public sector pay rises are often linked to Brexit, and the fact that the public sector is recruiting staff from the private sector “in order for them to transform in preparation for Brexit; to be more efficient as a government body or an NHS”. Unsubscribe at any time. The range of typical starting salaries for UK-based (mostly London) roles with non-governmental organisations providing administrative support to overseas programmes (e.g. £27,500 We have 1510 jobs paying higher than the average Charity salary! “Naturally the charity sector has less resource, so it’s investing in talent from the private sector because it needs experienced procurement professionals who are very commercial and creative with achieving cost savings and other efficiencies,” explains Dance. The private sector continued to offer the highest salaries in 2019 (13% up compared with 2015) but the public and charity/not for profit sectors both saw substantial salary increases, by 4% and 9% respectively, compared with figures from 2015. Job roles include directors, counsellors, managers, event coordinators, and even construction workers, maintenance workers and chefs. “London is the most buoyant market, but people are looking to avoid the commute,” he says. Cancer Research has a commercial strength that's equivalent to a FTSE 350 company - and so they're positioned to pay competitively for the best people that will help to drive the charity forward. Indeed, 42% of respondents felt that changing EU procurement regulations would be a main challenge facing procurement in their organisation in the next 12 months, up by 16% on 2018. How to build a team while working from home, Supply chain sector in line for 'job market boom', Why women in supply chain 'need to be risk takers', Four key questions around the UK's pandemic procurement, Low price doesn't always mean poor ethics, says Boohoo sourcing boss, £14bn of UK goods sourced from 'dubious supply chains', Grenfell cost-cutting meeting ‘broke procurement rules’, Watchdog accuses crane company of cartel behaviour, Large firms will have to report on payment terms, Procurement tribunals could be introduced in UK, says lawyer.