The list above shows metric and non metric mattress sizes. After all, no one wants to have to send back a mattress because it is too big or small for their bed. Children grow up fast so its best to provide something that they can grow into. Answer: the size of a small double mattress is 48″ x 75″ / 4” x 6’3″ Small double beds are four feet wide, and require this size mattress if it’s to fit perfectly without overlaps or gaps. Don’t worry though as mattress sizes are standard and each bed retailer will give you specific dimensions for each bed. All mattress brands in the will follow the above conventions so when you are buying consult this first and get your measurements before you buy your mattress. Call us on 0121 568 7126 or email [email protected]. They measure at 5ft wide and are a whopping 6ft 6” long (150cm x 200cm), which makes them a necessity for taller people who don’t want cold toes! This is the size you want when looking at UK mattress sizes for standard double beds. European Bed Size vs. U.S./Canadian Size; ... Queen (U.K. King) 60 in. If you are using a standard box base then the size of the bed will be the same as the mattress. Suitable for smaller spaces and guest rooms, a small double bed saves floor space without sacrificing comfort. This is why we’ve created a simple, clear guide to help you to find the perfect match for your bed. A queen size bed is a whopping 60 inches wide and 80 inches long when it comes to mattresses, so you’ll need a brilliant online delivery company to ensure it gets to you safely. Small single mattresses are perfect when trying to save space or for when children finally make the leap from their cot to a bed. If you are concerned with a hotel mattress size I would recommend checking with the hotel manager before you book or your feet might be hanging of the end of the bed! Buying headboards or footboards will be dependent on your taste but they will need to be at least the width measurement mentioned above. Getting an extra long or full size mattress that will fit you might mean you need to get it custom made. Answer: 36″ x 75″ / 3′ x 6’3″ If your house has a single bed or bunk bed for the kids, the standard single mattress size in inches needs to be on your shopping list – get it wrong, and you’ll probably end up with a mattress that isn’t wide enough. UK Double Bed Size. And that means not sleeping properly! Websites will sometimes quote the bed sizes but there may be odd elements to the bed that will increase the amount of space required. Be careful if you intend on getting a bed with a footboard or a headboard as these will often mean the difference between a bed fitting your body length and not. Be sure to clarify with the shop before you buy. Other bespoke beds such as trundle (also known as trumple beds, truckle beds or hurly-beds) will also need to be looked at on a case by case basis. I am writing this just to be clear that there is no standard for bed sizes. A quick mattress size comparison can be carried out by checking the following graphic or check out our specific mattress sizes information. Obviously upgrading the mattress will mean upgrading the bed frame too. Checking out the right length of mattress is especially important if you are a physically tall person. Answer: 60″ x 78″ / 5′ x 6’6″ Although the physical size of a king size bed isn’t that much different over a standard, the difference is significant when it comes to the additional space you gain once in the bed (and, let’s be honest – that’s what matters!). When the futon is folded into ‘couch mode’ again there are no standard sizes. Being a staggering 6ft wide and  6ft 6” (180cm x 200cm) across, these beds can give you the freedom to stretch out!. Queen Bed Size. It can be so difficult to find out which bedding size and fit you need. UK Single Bed Size . Comfort is often our number one priority when buying a new bed and with so much room to spread out and wriggle, choosing a Superking size bed can give you just that. Mattresses for small double beds are six inches narrower than what you find on a standard double bed. Trying so hard to stretch a fitted sheet over the mattress, finally succeeding, then waking up the morning after to find that most of the bed sheet is now crumpled up underneath us. For the standard scaling of mattress sizes check the above bed mattress sizes chart which lists all the standard regulation English and mattress sizes that apply to foam, divan and sprung mattresses along with the measurements in a handy guide for use when you are choosing bed mattresses. Measuring 4ft 6” across and 6ft 3” long (135cm x 190cm), they’re a well suited size for many couples. Get the size right, and you’ll have no problem ensuring a sound night’s sleep. When choosing the mattress for your queen sized bed, these dimensions will ensure it fits nice and snuggle, without any problems at all. This represents the standard full size typical dimensions in the . Answer: The size of a small single mattress is 29.5″ x 75″ / 2’6″ x 6’3″ Need to save space? With many retailers, manufacturers, online blogs and more producing different information, identifying the linen sizes that fit your bed can be confusing and frustrating. Next Day Delivery & Day Of Choice Delivery, Any questions? Bed frames will also be slightly different by manufacturer. There are retailers that will make both custom dimension beds and mattresses. These mattress names are a standard and there shouldn’t be any variance, however there may be a variation in dimensions dependent on the bed used. US still use a non metric mattress scale but the British have mainly gone metric so for a mattress size converter to do a U.S. to mattress sizes conversion here is how to calculate: One inch equals 2.54 centimetresOne foot equals 30.48 centimetresOne meter equals 39.37 inches. © Copyright Giomani Designs Ltd. All Rights Reserved. A pillowtop mattress with its extra layer of comfort will increase the depth further. If you are looking for IKEA mattress sizes check this IKEA mattress sizes chart. If you are under 6ft 6 inches then the typical larger size mattresses should be adequate to accommodate your longer body.