Benchmade Mini Griptillian 556SBKOD-S30V Drop Point Verde Hoja... Benchmade Triage 917SBK Drop Point Negra Hoja Negra Filo Mixto... Benchmade 531 Drop Point Hoja Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 580-S Drop Point Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 580BK Drop Point Negra Hoja Negra, Benchmade Barrage 580SBK Drop Point Negra Hoja Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 585 Drop Point Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 585SBK-2 Drop Point Gris Hoja Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 583S Tanto Negra Filo Mixto, Benchmade Barrage 583BK Tanto Negra Hoja Negra, Benchmade Anthem 781S Drop Point Filo Mixto, > Más información sobre envíos y plazos de entrega. He surrendered when they got his former green beret buddy to talk him into giving up. However, it would be interesting to know how many of them would actually follow that order. View our top of the line Autocrat double-edge dagger knives. The Benchmade AFO 9050 / 9053 (Armed Forces Only) is a field-proven tool that is serving troops throughout all Support 2nd Amendments rights. All I read was ( Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies.) looks, feels, and operates like a military-grade piece of equipment. Los 123 productos de País de fabricación USA. “How can you destroy firearms and say you support the 2nd Amendment?”. production run of 250 Auto Stryker 9100s that were marked with the words "Police Special". Their blades are like VERY functional art…for your pocket. Oregon City Police requested the use of specialty equipment within the Benchmade facility to follow these requirements, and as a supporting partner of our local police force, we obliged the request. The Benchmade AFO These were firearms that the Oregon City Police Department had to destroy in alignment with their policies. I wouldn’t have made some of the decisions they did but hey, we can’t all be me. comes with a hooded, ballistic nylon sheath for those who prefer belt or strapped/lashed carry over carrying the knife via the clip. Free Shipping is available only within the contiguous United States. When asked for clarity from Oregon City Police Department, Chief Jim Band made the following statement: “When property is to be destroyed, it is the policy of the Oregon City Police Department to destroy property, including firearms, in accordance to our procedures and ORS. Producto añadido correctamente al carrito. They’re still being produced, you can buy one at the local sporting goods store, big deal. 583, Benchmade Barrage 583S Tanto Negra Filo Mixto Ref. Jet, You are being too analytical. Remember too “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”. Yep I’m done with them I just returned a benchmade that was a gift for Valentine’s day and got a Piranha P1 Pocket instead. In addition, all Benchmade products are covered by the company's LifeSharp service and limited lifetime warranty. 585-2. This knife is Benchmade’s first out-the-front (OTF) to use composite handles. These are commitments that we do not take lightly and will continue to support well into the future. It’s far better to destroy the guns seized from criminals than putting them back on the streets for more criminals to get them in their hands again. Anti-gun, Anti-2A political correctness is a cancer and must be checked! Does the word duplicitous exist in their dictionary? actually have a legitimate place in the military world and in the law enforcement community. It’s not unconstitutional to destroy a gun. I wish someone had turned me on to them years ago. Granted they cost more, but you get you pay for, and you are supporting an American company, and not giving the Chinese your money. If that was the case it would be a sin to destroy them. Very fine comment . just gunna go ahead and buy another one too, love the valet…. 581. Why destroy what can be sold? Of course benchmade and any other company is free to spit in the faces of their major consumer base and then wait for the grateful liberals to step up and replace the lost business. Garantía de devolución y satisfacción. 583BK, Benchmade Barrage 581 Negra y Plata Ref. Not when they are tyrannical in nature. Chamartín - Local 34), Linterna Olight Warrior X 2000 Lumens Recargable. How long did you put your life on the line every day? Nobody mentions they might have been buy back guns. That’s the dumbest statement of the day. Not questioning your background but you need to understand the difference between facts and opinions. Benchmade supports active-duty military, veterans, LEOs, firefighters, and EMTs. It’s a smart business decision to be in good graces with the law makers that can control policies that effect your business. I have been in law enforcement all my life for military, local and federal agencies. Our military grade knives are unmatched when it comes to combat and tactical situations. Don’t you read the Constitution or don’t you believe in Civil Rights? Surprised they weren’t tactical black latex though. if they can get them we should be able to buy one of them too. I agree that if the gun that has been confiscated (used in a crime) that is cleared in any court cases and was stolen it should be returned to the original owner. 531SBK, Benchmade Barrage 580 Drop Point Negra Ref. Tienes 0 productos en tu carrito. The AFO 9053 is in fact a bit thick. The Auto Stryker's relative compactness makes it the perfect fit for a law enforcement See how it worked out for D**ks Sporting goods. Good luck with that. Compra Navajas tácticas militares BENCHMADE con envío en 24 horas gratis. That being said, there is one gray area associated with the destruction of guns. Si durante el proceso de envío detectas cualquier problema, contacta con nosotros y te ayudaremos. LMAO! Territories will require Maybe they should be called “Stenchmade”, well I don’t usually comment on social media but I have been reading the comments and agree and disagree with some of the things said. It would cost taxpayers more money to pay the costs of selling the guns than melting them down. 781S. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Oregon has some of the loosest gun laws in the nation. However, the 9100 is really a much better fit for a police officer's pants pockets. branches of the American armed forces. Benchmade , fabricante de cuchillería de Oregón (Estados Unidos), ha lanzado al mercado... Benchmade Griptillian 551-ORG-S30V Drop Point Naranja Ref. Plus less risk of legal liability of selling them. 531S, Benchmade 531 Drop Point Hoja Negra Ref. I support 2a rights. Medication may help. Haz click en uno de nuestros agentes y contactaremos contigo lo antes posible. You know the bigger issue is being missed altogether. Definitely not supporting 2nd Amendment rights by doing anything with law enforcement. Benchmade , fabricante americano de cuchillería, lanza al mercado español la Colección... Benchmade Barrage 580-2 Drop Point Gris Ref. Koolaid you mean? Everyone who is commenting on this saying that Benchmade is a bunch of evil Communists which don’t support the Second Amendment…..did you even read the thing? Las navajas Barrage 585 son la versión compacta de la clásica 580 . 580. I’m retired military, I served to defend these rights, and would never support the confiscation of arms from the law abiding American people. I’ll never buy another Benchmade product again. La navaja Benchmade Barrage 581 es el modelo de la Colección Barrage más destacado... La navaja Benchmade Anthem 781 es una de las piezas más codiciadas del fabricante con... Benchmade Anthem 781S Drop Point Filo Mixto Ref. Benchmark had nothing to do with taking the guns out of the hands of criminals – that had already been done. Not taking any sides on any of this other mess, just hopefully expanding your blade options. 580BK, Benchmade Barrage 580SBK Drop Point Negra Hoja Negra Filo Mixto Ref. I have cut weapons in half for that very reason IE..(serial number ground off or made into… Read more », The police very much are the enemy. The AFO provides for effortless, single-hand deployment of a highly capable You must never have handled a WE knife. I totally agree, never buy Benchmade again! What do those two things have to do with each other? ingenious Auto Axis mechanism and patented grip scale style are causing it to gain ground on the AFO. What a shame that Benchmade participated in the destruction of firearms. Sorta like if Planned parenthood showed up and asked Chick-Fil-A to help it cut the livers out of a thousand dead babies with their “specialized” equipment. It is no wonder at all why the U.S. Military has chosen to issue the Benchmade AFO to U.S. What difference does it make? The Founding Fathers were called zeolots by the Redcoats. Gun control is not about safety. Benchmade Knife Co., based in Oregon, is a noteworthy manufacturer because its precision-made switchblade knives Back to the subject of this post benchmade and Oregon city police are both completely wrong in this action. [Concerning Police Destroying Guns]. Benchmade is a proud and unwavering supporter of both law enforcement and Second Amendment rights. American steel is much better and there are a number of American knife makers that use American steel. I will be destroying my Benchmade knives and hope others follow, maybe Dicks will sell your knives! I couldnt have said it any better myself. Cash for clunkers, turn in old worn out weapons for cash, then buy newer models! Disponen de una... Benchmade Barrage 585 Drop Point Negra Filo Mixto Ref. Tell me, how many years do you have on the street? It makes much more sense to offer them up for sale, so long as SN hasn’t been removed. It’s time to boycott Benchmade… Benchmade doesn’t care about 2A rights…buy firearms, not knives!!! He is making the observation that 99% of the parts in a gun are not a firearm and could be sold while still complying with the existing policy…. You are surely correct to state that LEO and/or military personal would be tasked for confiscation. We don’t circumvent laws that are here to protect us, and preach to family, friends, and forum groups that the ‘enemy’ is right outside our door. I mean like if there was just no future in it…. machined aluminum handle securely fills the operator's hand and allows for a very tight grip. Those firearms could have been sold by the police department to help offset some of the costs of prosecuting those very criminals. Try living without laws or those needed to enforce those laws. either the 9053 or the 5000. The Oregon City Police Department does not sell firearms.”. True 2A supporters support the people. Gun Parts Corp. will buy any gun for parts!! Let me ask all the naysayers, why would a company that makes self defense and That’s all they do. It’s totally legal, but a horrible thing to do if you wish to sell a product to people who like guns. Benchmade hasn’t done anything against the 2A by doing this.