[70], Montgomery's memoirs (1958) criticised many of his wartime comrades in harsh terms, including Eisenhower, whom he accused, among other things, of prolonging the war by a year through poor leadership — allegations which ended their friendship, not least as Eisenhower was still US President at the time.

I thought him a shallow commander … I disliked the way he worked, upset tactical plans, interfered in my orders. Montgomery ordered all contingency plans for retreat to be destroyed. ]), co-operation of all arms including the air forces, first-class logistical back-up and clear-cut orders. [141] Montgomery began his offensive into the Suisse Normande region with Operation Bluecoat with Sir Richard O'Connor's VIII Corps and Gerard Bucknall's XXX Corps heading south. During the Western Desert campaign of the Second World War, Montgomery commanded the British Eighth Army from August 1942, through the Second Battle of El Alamein and on to the final Allied victory in Tunisia in May 1943. [114] On 10 July, Montgomery ordered Bradley to take Avranches, after which the 3rd US Army would be activated to drive towards Le Mans and Alençon. [130][131] British historian John Keegan pointed out that Montgomery made differing statements before Goodwood about the purpose of the operation.

[61] These invasion plans also did not go ahead. Another was his wish that his army, not Patton’s, should mount the main invasion of the Italian mainland. Travel to the Gelderland province in the Netherlands, location of the daring but unsuccessful airborne operation.

In fact, Patton’s eyes were not set on Termini, but rather on the capital of Sicily—Palermo. He then embarked in the destroyer HMS Antwerp and landed on the Pachino Peninsula at 0700 hours the following day. Ultimately, those fears were borne out when he collapsed in mid-ceremony in 1968 and did not perform this function again. U.S. Army Signal Corps/Lieutenant Brin. I think I regarded all civilians as 'Shinners' and I never had any dealings with any of them. Ike was in a bad mood and had already sent a signal blaming Patton’s command for a tragedy the previous evening when Allied naval forces had shot to pieces an aerial convoy bringing in a regimental combat team of the 82nd Airborne Division. Lucasbolwerk 10 Although Caen contained an important road junction that Montgomery would eventually need, for the moment the capture of that city was only incidental to his mission. “In the beach areas there was a narrow coastal plain, but behind this the mountains rose steeply … It was apparent that the campaign in Sicily was going to depend largely on the domination of main road and track centres.”. By giving Patton the main role in finishing off the enemy in Sicily, Monty planned to rest the two corps just mentioned in preparation for the forthcoming invasion.