District Map of Jharkhand Some districts have official web sites. Map showing Cities with International Boundary, State Boundary, District Boundaries and State Capital in Hindi Language. The bifurcation of Bihar took place on November 15, 2000, and a new state Jharkhand was born. Map showing all the districts with their respective locations and boundaries. ... Jharkhand in South, West Bengal … Find district map of Bihar. Jharkhand has a rich history in its historical perspective. Jharkhand, a Goldmine of Mineral Resources Introduction Jharkhand lies in eastern India, formed on November 15, 2000. On the political map of India, Jharkhand was a prosperous part of Bihar. Click on the district to visit the site. It shares its borders with Bihar to … The first time the word of “Jharkhand “ was found in a Copper plat of the 13th Century. Jharkhand is the 28 th state of the India Union located in East India. Find Jharkhand district map showing the names and location of all districts of Jharkhand with state boundaries. In the medieval period the term Jharkhand was used for tribal area of Chhotanagpur. [ Close Window ] Bihar is divided into 38 districts. Get District Map of Jharkhand in Hindi. Bihar is divided into 38 districts. The first description of Jharkhand is found in Aitrey Brahaman as Punya or Pundra. Bihar, a state of India, currently has 38 administrative districts Districts of Bihar, . ... was carved out of the state of Bihar on November 15th 2000.