Batman and Black Panther are alike in a number of ways. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Oh well. So the answer is absolutely Black Panther, and as you can see, it wouldn’t even be close. Next Battle. The fact that can not beat Superman in unconditional sense is obviously your opinion, which I'd also like to know why you think Batman can not. For our purposes that means super-soldier-serum-like strength and agility, all senses dialed to 12, the ability to see in total darkness, and also, KING OF THE DEAD. There was no kryptonite-tipped pike (though there was a kryptonite bonding agent); they didn’t resolve questions of oversight and answerability by realizing that their moms’ names were both Martha. That was good for third place in Time’s ranking of richest superheroes. Hmm......... Dang. It also has those silver shards along the collarbone that remind me of the snake chain Kendrick Lamar was wearing in the "Humble." This is to say that the way their fight went down in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was not at all how it happened in Batman v Superman; I’ve been upset about this for a solid year. without a piece of real kryptonite. The actual implementation of this sort of plan would be where there could be a problem since Superman really is aware smart, observant, and fast enough to avoid a most traps and attacks. There's no reason it wouldn't work. Batman won using known weaknesses of Superman, and I believe Panther can do the same. The story has just shown the plans of Batman, his paranoia, and the fact that he considers the JLA too powerful. if he has no space rock, he can't synthesize his own. For the "plan" it took me a half a second to cook up? However, the Red Son and DKR fights are matches Batman would have easily won if WW didn't intervene, and Batman didn't go into cardiac arrest. Of course, if Batman has weapons to kill Superman, this does not mean Bruce that Is able with certainty to beat Clark. Red Son and DKR aren't canon and both feature different version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, so there's really no point using them as evidence. Press J to jump to the feed. If one wants, also BP can beat Superman, although it is not Batman or Luthor. The weapon actually is meant to affect both Superman so when his Superman uses it, they both fall from the sky and Black Panther will have defeated not one, but two Kryptonians. I was just saying that that would be the only way he would have a chance. Let’s begin with some important questions. Black Panther is given 1 year of prep time using any of his own resources he has and Lex Luthor's files on Superman, he has no kryptonite but he is allowed to make some synthetically if able. However, of course I was referring to characters without superpowers, like BP. But Batman and Black Panther also differ in a number of ways. Also, I’m pretty sure the "God of Knowledge" wrinkle isn’t popping up on the big screen in the near future. As in, like, "more fly," not — OK, anyway: Yeah. Where was Black Panther in that same ranking, you ask? The only way he could win is a Tower of Babel type thing. Year, 6 months, 1 month? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Like if Queen Elizabeth fought crime under the mononym "Queen.". For that matter, the Panther and the Bat are both obsessive about power — its upper bounds, its constitutionality, and in whose hands it belongs. I agree. Luthor has never even managed to beat Superman in all these years ... and why? BP could put something like that together and Superman would be susceptible to it. ?I'm not sure but the BP fans or Supes fans would know if this would work! Ra's did, but using Batman's plans. This is how he was situated within the larger DC Extended Universe by last year’s Batman v Superman. As for BP, just saying, Lex Luthor's never done it so it's hard to say if T'challa can. Who Would Win In A Fight: Black Panther or Batman? Everything You Need to Know About ‘Black Panther’, Michael B. Jordan Just Wants to Watch the World Burn, A Very Scientific Exploration of Whether Batman or Black Panther Would Win in a Fight, ‘Black Panther,’ Netflix, FX, and the State of Peak TV, ‘Speed’ on Speed: The Making of ‘Unstoppable,’ 10 Years Later. That is why it is in the debate, could he make it or at least simulate it within the time frame. Round 1: MMA fight in a cage with UFC rules. Makes me happy. You get it. Exactly. Batman already fought Superman just like that.....he lost. Considering Batman has never beaten Superman with prep..... @Alexander505: I have taken the OP into mind when I typed that post. Without kryptonite, no one can beat Superman. Batman is a paranoid and he must always be ready for everything. So Black Panther would definitely win in a fight, then? The only way Batman could win with kryptonite would be if he was like this: You know what you call "Tower Of Babel situation" simply shows the plans of Batman against JLA? Nice try. So, do you think (as opposed to others) the characters like BP, Batman and Luthor, can actually defeat Superman? I have an answer, and it is a good answer arrived at through reasoning that was also good, not to mention deductive, scientific, empirical, without flaw, all that good stuff. SO I guess Supes win. Batman can because he knows Superman. Well, that’s not entirely true. But no matter. Well there was a feat of him ripping the logos apart. Neither has immediately obvious powers (if any at all). And so I ask: Who would win in a fight, Batman or Black Panther? Not saying it's impossible for Batman to beat Superman, just that in every encounter they've ever had, Superman has won. The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, a closer, animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, obviously gets this more right: Batman fakes his death after this, moves underground, and stops returning everyone’s calls. Black Panther is not like them exactly.