For bat bugs and swallow bugs, you need a microscope to be able to differentiate their looks from those of bed bugs. They’re usually found in groups inside crevices or cracks near the kitchen, sink and bathroom. Do headlice bite? A rash can be concerning, of course, but just because you noticed it first thing in the morning or it looks a bit like what you think a bed bug situation might, that doesn't necessarily mean that that's what is happening. Here is a list of the most common bed bug look-a likes. Again, your best bet to get rid of the sprickets so they don't attract larger predators. Although some other bugs can also bite, it is possible to differentiate them from bed bug bites. Notable differences between the two include the long antennae segment and the long hair on the body of swallow bugs. There are tons of things that could cause itchiness beyond bedbugs, so while that might be an initial thought, it might not actually be the true cause. When in doubt, call in a professional, but if the bedbugs aren't in or near your bed, couch, or other plush furniture, it might be something else. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Do Swallow Bugs have wings? If you have bites that are spread out, in small groups, or in seemingly strange or random places, that might mean it's not bedbugs after all. Maybe you've noticed strange marks on your body that you think could be bedbug bite, maybe you've seen what could be a bedbug in your bed, or maybe you've felt itchier than normal when you first wake up in the morning. Typical locations for booklice are dump places where they feed on mold and fungi. They dwell in dark places and basements, and while it's bad enough that they look like spiders these lookalikes take full advantage of the similarity to hop like a demented spring when startled, scaring the bejeebus out of basement goers. All rights reserved. Where are Book Lice found? Color changes to slightly brown after feeding. You can’t tell the difference by looking at their color or shape. Bed bugs resemble a host of other common bugs in the house. Size: Adults are 1/16-1/8-inch or 2.0-3.8mm. in Bed Bugs,Guides. One of the most notable difference is their hair on the thorax. They don’t bite but their presence can trigger allergic dermatitis in humans. This guide gives you relevant tips for identifying bed bugs so that you don’t go dealing with the wrong bug. But did you know that there are a lot of bugs that look like mosquitoes, which are not, in fact, mosquitoes? Adult carpet beetles have wings which they use to fly during the day. There are insects trying to pass off as bees and make you look like a fool in front of your friends – or worse, your kids. Each household is prone to flea attack, which means that even you might require the best indoor flea killer or flea control... Are you looking for the best flea treatment for cats? Description: Spider beetles have a common resemblance to spiders owing to their small oval body and long legs. Where are Cockroach Nymphs found? Here are some tips to help you tell the difference. Cats and dogs are their favourite host. If swallows make nests in your home, it must be in the attics or ceiling. Another distinction is perhaps their feeding habits. The pest goes by many names. Related: Steamers for bed Bugs. Where are Swallow Bugs found? Thus, swallow bugs will be found in these places rather than near humans. Fear not, our guide to bee lookalikes – aka bee mimics – will separate the wannabes from the real bees. They bite, especially warm-blooded creatures including humans. Maintaining your pet’s health should always be your priority. 9 Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs but Aren’t. So, if you haven’t successfully distinguished the bug you have from a bed bug, you can take a sample of the bug to an entomologist for testing. These small bugs look a lot like ticks so, if you’re unsure, capture one for a closer look! If you see them, they are here in search of food, which of course has nothing to do with your body. However, in the absence of bats, bat bugs will feed on blood from other hosts including humans. Where are bat bugs found? "It is normal to think you have bedbugs when you see something that looks so similar to a bedbug, and you maybe haven't ever seen one in person and are basing your views on internet images.". Is it a bee, or a big black flying bug that looks like a bee? Typically, fleas inhabit the bodies of warm-blooded animals especially those that are hairy or furry. These insects are the creepy wee beasties of some people's nightmares. This is in part why they are in your basement or house too. Where are Spider Beetles found? since. Sometimes they can be confused with clothes moths. "Anything from mosquitoes to fleas can leave bites while you're sleeping. They don’t bite, but are suspected to cause asthma when their decomposed matter is inhaled with dust. Let’s look at what these bugs eat to determine whether they exhibit any feeding similarity with bed bugs: Sometimes bed bugs get crushed in your clothing or beddings when you turn in your bed during sleep. They like feeding on fibrous material like cotton wool, silk, fur, feather etc. They don't have fangs, they aren't venomous, and they can't bite, but they are omnivores, eating just about anything in sight. in London, told INSIDER. Ticks don’t have wings, so you’ll never see one flying. When you're dealing with bedbugs, you should expect large clumps of bites or bites where you were touching your bed, generally speaking. Perhaps only an expert can differentiate between the two using a microscope. Just because you think you might have bedbugs doesn't necessarily mean that you do. Talking to your doctor or a dermatologist or hiring a pest control company to come out and take a look can help you figure out what you're really dealing with — and help you get to a place of resolution much sooner, whether you do really have bedbugs or not. Though they could still be there, it could also be other pests that are causing your trouble. The wings on bat bugs are non-functional. Bill Horgan, the president of Debug Pest Control, told INSIDER that these are likely signs of a flea infestation, rather than an issue with bedbugs. Swallow bugs will be found in swallow nest. They dwell in dark places and basements, and while it's bad enough that they look like spiders  these lookalikes take full advantage of the similarity to hop like a demented spring when startled, scaring the bejeebus out of basement goers. While bed bugs feed on human blood, swallow bugs feed on the blood of birds, specifically swallows. Notably, bed bugs have no wings. However, if you have signs of bedbug bites, you might want to get your bed checked out, just in case. No. Do Book Lice have wings? If you’re lucky, you will see blood stains or their dead bodies. , told INSIDER. After all, there is safety in numbers and you're less likely to be eaten if you're in a group of scary hoppy spider-looking friends. Like bedbugs, fleas often live in carpets, bite, and suck blood, often while they are in bed with their human hosts or hostesses. "Some insects look like they are small bedbugs that have fed on blood when they have not (e.g., spider beetles)," Crawley said. The bugs look like bedbugs but aren't in or super near your bed and you're just not sure. Again, if you want to deter them remove the dampness, seal up your foundation and cracks, and remove leaf litter from around your house. However, bed bugs stay away from the host and only come to feed from time to time. ), and shedding light on the area where they live. Cobweb spiders. These chemical cues also help camel crickets find groups of their kind, where presumably there is food and a safe shelter. The name bat bug does not mean that they nest on the backs of bats. Do Swallow Bugs bite? They are an important source of food in their ecosystem for all sorts of creatures that eat them. So it is possible to rule out bugs that have wings such as spider beetles and carpet beetles. They usually inhabit fabrics, especially carpets. They like feeding on blood from hairy or furry warm-blooded animals such dogs and cats. Many are even invasive species from other countries. "Anything from mosquitoes to fleas can leave bites while you're sleeping. Unlike bed bugs, spider beetles have two body segments (head connects to the body without a neck). Flea (L) and bed bug (R). Science Teaching Supplies and Nature Gifts, read my previous blog post on camel crickets, Naturalist Classes and Continued Learning. It's been a while since I last did a post about sprickets, so I thought it was time for another, especially because I get so many questions about "spider crickets," also commonly called camel crickets. Do Carpet beetles have wings? They inhabit wooden structures where they can easily access stored food. They bite humans when swallows abandon their nests during the breeding seasons. Do Book Lice bite? They are wingless and only crawl like bed bugs. There are many bugs that resemble one another. They have no wings but have legs for crawling from one hair to another or from one host to another. Proper identification of the bed bugs is inevitable for you to eradicate them effectively. But there are many other insects (not to mention the many other non-insect related causes) that leave similar markings on a human's body.". Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Typically, swallows bugs live in nests inhabited by swallow so as to feed on their blood. Book lice are not actually related to the lice that feeds on us. So it’s possible to find bat bugs just anywhere including our houses. "However, cockroach nymphs are more cylindrical in shape, and bedbugs are shorter and oval. As a homeowner, you don’t want to go wrong with your bed bug eradication strategies.