We communicate with the German civil registries on your behalf and reliably obtain the birth, marriage and death records you require for genealogy studies or other personal reasons. Access helpful finance documents and forms provided by the Frankfort Finance Department. If you are in any other situation (job seeker, au pair, language student, guest researcher, tourist, etc. By opening a DKB or N26 account and applying for a free credit card, you’ll be able to withdraw money worldwide without any charges (even in Germany). Anmeldung comes from “An/melden“, to register in German. No Anmeldung is required! You are here: Home » Birth records Germany. If you need health insurance to get a visa or residence permit then we recommend that you take out an Expat Health Insurance. If your US/Foreign passport says your place of birth is “India”, enter only “India” in this form. For long-term furnished apartments, search here. Similar to the Green Card in the USA, the EU Blue Card is a special residence permit that gives highly qualified non-EU nationals the opportunity to work and live in the European Union. Accommodation, Anmeldung (city registration), Insurances, Bank Account, Tax ID, Social Security Number, Freelancer Registration, Blue Card, Job Search, Certified Translations, Tax Return — myGermanExpert is the … Birth certificates older than 110 years are now handed over to the state archive and only authenticated copies of these documents are released. If you are unemployed, self-employed or currently looking for a job and you've just moved to Germany from a non-EU country, then you should sign up for Expat Health Insurance (limited to 5 years). If you are a university student under the age of 30, be sure to take out Public Health Insurance. With that kind of instability, it was almost impossible to conduct any kind of uniform official business. On our website you can file your tax return online in your preferred language. Certified translations from our partner are recognised by all authorities in Germany and carried out by court-sworn translators. Insurance plans are available from 5,99€/month. Anyone who is employed should submit an income tax return for the previous year(s). ), we recommend that you take out Expat Health Insurance. Hand it over to your employer, possibly before getting your first payslip. On our website, you can open an online bank account for free. There are two kinds of health insurances: Public (GKV) and Private (PKV). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Anyone who is employed should submit a tax return. Still, even with these documents archived, an apostille or supplementary certification may be attached, e.g. a letter containing your tax ID (Steuer-ID). City Net Profit (for years 2012 and prior) (PDF), City Net Profit (for years 2013 and after) (PDF), Instructions for Net Profit Tax Form (PDF), Occupational Tax Refund Application (PDF), Alcohol Server Training Documentation (PDF), Building permit Sub contractor list (PDF), Quarterly Insurance Premium License Fees (PDF). GSC – Peschla – 3811 Ditmars Blvd #1012 – Astoria, NY 11105 – United States – Fax: +495171583138. You need to bring the following documents to the registration office: the registration form (Anmeldung), the landlord confirmation, your passport, your rental contract and your visa, if you have one. Cancel anytime! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Do not add the city/state names. Cancel anytime!