But first we have to find Head Loss in the pipe. Different types of water supply pipes are available in the market. Knowing the importance of the water in the life, and its wide use in the human societies, during the preparation of this report, I have collected  the data from the class notes provided, design data, and from the internet. Daily Demand. Volume of Water for storage = Q x t = 83.16 x 8 = 665.28 m3 The different ratios that are widely used by used by Water and Sanitation Authority Lahore are, Average Daily Consumption         :     Maximum Daily Consumption, 1                                    :                                1.5, Average Daily Consumption         :         Peak Hourly Consumption, 1                                    :                                2.25, Maximum Daily Consumption       :     Peak Hour Consumption, 1                                    :                                  1.5, The various factors affecting the water consumption are given below, Pipes are mainly differentiated on the basis of their material of construction. Storage capacity of the water tank should meet peak flow requirements, equalize system pressures, and provide emergency water supply. daily Consumption x population. ABSTRACT The provision of clean Water Supply is one of the major factors that greatly contribute to the socioeconomic transformation of a country by improving the health thereby increasing life standard and economic productivity of the society. Daily, It is the peak consumption during any one hour of the years excluding the fire demand. d. L x 0.04m/sec Now the Head loss comes out to be 0.498m It was used for a long time as non corrosive and economical alternative to cast iron. Plain & Reinforced Concrete Experiments 1, Quantitative Section : GMAT Sample Problem Solving Ability, Transportation, Highways, Tunnels & Roads Books, https://civilengineerspk.com/excel-sheets/, Type of supply (continuous or intermittent), Level of service (Stand Post, Yard Connection, Full Plumbing), Type of water to be conveyed (Corrosive / Normal), No longer manufactured, deteriorates in some soils, reduction in capacity due to tuberculation, Large Distribution Systems, And old Systems. More susceptible to corrosion, high maintenance cost. Corrosion may reduce the capacity by 70%. Your email address will not be published. That it be free from objectionable gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, and objectionable staining minerals, such as iron and manganese. Water Supply Design, Keeping in view these points the design period of our water supply system is, Adequate design period in water supply system is provided because, Present Population Pp=  1) 281×7+400×3+200×3 =   3767, Present Population Pp=  2) 281×10+600×3+400×3 = 5810, Annual Growth Rate = 2.1% (For Pakistan, 2008 report), Average Design flow  = 5810 x 344      =  1998640 Lit/day  =   23.13 Lit/Sec, Minimum residual pressure should be 14m and the roughness coefficient used = C = 120, Discharge = Q =  23.1 lit/sec = 83160 lit/hr = 83.16 m3/hr