Price is 780 PHP a kilo, and 4,200 to 8,500 PHP for a whole pig. De la Fuente has become an instant kitchen celebrity for her creative and delicious variations on the stuffed lechon, from truffles and binagoongan to paella, sisig and laing, to name a few. Monchie’s is known to use only native hogs for their lechon to ensure quality and flavor. It’s rice cake with a merry mix of the best sweets of the Philippines (yema, macapuno balls, chocnut, ube, pastillas,). Along the streets of La Loma you’ll also pass by. Although careful research has been made in writing them, Yoorekka does not make any warranty about the completeness and accuracy of all information presented in our articles. A lot of food and travel bloggers from all over the Philippines have been raving about Jamie’s lechon in Iligan, and for good reason. Address: 2651 Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000 Approximate No. “My dad was a fifth placer in the Bar exams, while my mom was sixth placer. It turned out really well. Patricia came from the field of business and accounting but is now pursuing her dreams of being a writer. And one of the most popular places to eat lechon in Cebu is at CNT Lechon, Ayala Center. She is a self-confessed introvert and is passionate about reading, travelling, writing, movies, coffee and God. Their lechon’s skin is crunchy and brown, with a meat that’s flavorful, tender and juicy. Aside from being the pioneer of roasters in the city, Mang Tomas is also the creator of the famed sauce that we also enjoy today. Are you a cholesterol-conscious Pinoy? : $6.34 – $7.02 USD CNT Lechon With locals especially those in Cebu recommending CNT, we were excited to try out their version of lechon. And to enhance its flavor and taste, the chefs at Zubuchon spray the pork’s skin with fresh coconut juice and gently let it roast until it turns brown. Everybody knows Cebu’s lechon is hands-down the best and most delicious. Many people also love the sauce that they create to partner with their roasted pig. Loring Native Lechon, or also referred as Aling Loring’s, has been pleasing taste buds and filling stomachs with their tasty lechon for over 50 years. It is an icon with title . “I put the rice as stuffing just in case the lechon was a failure,” she said. Covered with perfectly crispy skin, it can stand on its own without “sawsawan” as the juicy meat has been basked in a flavorful assortment of organic ingredients. The price for their lechon ranges between 3,000 to 4,500 PHP, depending on the size of the pig. De la Fuente’s Bangkok stint would be  just one of several proofs her stuffed lechon has become popular. Address: Roxas Ave, Poblacion, Iligan City, 9200 Lanao del Norte Drel's Lechon - Lechon for Every Occasion | Affordable Lechon | Drel’s lechon is savored with spices that makes it so tasty to the mouth. 1148 reviews. Additional information: I might not live up to their expectations. “Aside from my lechon, Hungry Tourist enjoyed my Boodle Feast which I thought would not stand out. When she's not writing, she loves discovering new coffee shops/cafe and doing TV-series marathons. February 06, 2019 View more blogs. After college, she worked as an executive assistant to her mom, who was then a presiding judge of the Court of Appeals. But, Zubuchon’s variety is by far the perfect choice for health-conscious Pinoys who want to get their lechon fix without much guilt. Her Truffle Lechon (fragrant truffle rice and mushroom stuffing)  even won the Tastiest Food in Asia in the Annual Chowzter Award in London. While CNT has a few branches all over the city, most foodies choose to come to the Ayala Center outlet due to its convenient location. Her love affair with lechon began after she enrolled a lechon class under Inquirer Lifestyle food columnist Reggie Aspiras. I think it’s also my gift because I get to see things when the opportunity is there and so I take it. Mode of payment (COD, BDO,BPI, Gcash) Website: PRICES: ️ BELLY LECHON ️ Small (Est 1.t to 1.8kls cooked) P1,900 for 8 to 10 pax ️ Large (Est 3 to 3.5kls cooked )P3,500 for 15 to 20pax ️ WHOLE LECHON (based on LW live weight) P5,900 - 15 to 18kls LW - ideal for 25 to 30 pax P6,700 - 20 to 23kls LW - for 30 to 40 pax P7,400 - 25 to 28 kls LW - for 40 to 50 pax P8,200 - 30 to 33 … Lechon with hints of honey? Rico’s Lechon is Crispy, Juicy and Flavorful! Her first attempt in making a lechon, she stuffed it with her favorite binagoongan rice. My dad was also top 3 in the CPA exams. In 2012, she launched her Hayop de Degustacion, which features a 12-course Filipino feast with Pepita’s Kitchen stuffed lechon as the main star. But, I am happy with the way my life is going and the blessings I receive each day.”, She added, “I am not a planner. Succulent and very filling, this Filipino culinary staple is, after all, an extraordinary pork dish that’s deliciously crispy on the outside, yet plump and juicy inside. Held every 24th of June, this festive gala will feature dressed up lechons parading in decorated floats and with marching bands for more pomp and musical livery. Also known as. For December 3 to 25 orders, kindly ADD P500.00 across the board; and for December 26 … With its flavorsome meat, you really won’t mind missing vinegar and sauce with their lechon. Here is the complete list of foods and beverages with prices in Rico’s Lechon menu: menus prices updated 2019. ”. It is an icon with title . “I’ve brought my lechon to different parts of the world and I was truly confident,” she said. For her, business will flourish and more and more people will get to appreciate what she does in pushing for the Philippine food in the world culinary map. Address: 4th floor Food Choices, Ayala Center Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City But if you’ve never been to this little place in, For those who are after variety and convenience, Mila’s can be you maker of choice. It is an icon with title . Have a yummy Lechon Cebu even during quarantine period Our Cavite... and Metro Manila branch are still operational. Go to Appearance > Customize > Subscribe Pop-up to set this up. She’s ventured into private dining and home catering. In general, you can order a kilogram of their lechon for about 600 PHP. PRICES: ️ BELLY LECHON. She ran a studio, Sweet Dreams Photography, and would often be invited to do pictorials in Amanpulo. Praised for its flavorful meat, their lechon is spiced delicately, and seasoned with leeks, lemongrass, salt and a handful of secret ingredients. Their Ayala Center branch is also surrounded by other food stalls and dessert stations, offering a variety of dishes and drinks that could make your lechon dining experience even more pleasurable. ️ Small (Est 1.t to 1.8kls cooked) P1,900 for 8 to 10 pax. For more details on their price list, check out their website here. She entered her Lechon with Binagoongan Rice stuffing and she brought home the top award. HOME; ABOUT US; MENU PRICELIST; GALLERY; LOCATIONS; CONTACT US . As an added plus, they have friendly and attentive staff, making the ordering process a breeze. Don’t like having too much grease on your pork? ABOUT US. As an only child, she was free and happy to go to wet market and play around the kitchen. “However, there was only one place that I visited that made me really nervous—Cebu.”. Travel news tips 9 best places to eat lechon in the Philippines. While it’s relatively new compared to its competitors, General’s Lechon has made its way in the hearts and mouths of many foodies and meat lovers, thanks to its “Negros-style lechon”. Aside from their classic Lechon Baboy (PhP5,200 – PhP15,000), they also have Lechon Baka or roasted calf (PhP30,000 – PhP38,000). I will always try and if it doesn’t work out at least I’ve tried. She also gets frequent invitations to present her lechon in various restaurants and hotels, including Diamond Hotel Manila, Manila Hotel, and Bluewater Maribago Resorts. This is probably my favorite Filipino breakfast joint on the area. HOME; ABOUT US; MENU PRICELIST; GALLERY; LOCATIONS; CONTACT US . 2 photos. Trust us, the combination of Jamie’s lechon and pinakurat is like a symphony of gastronomic notes being wonderfully absorbed by your taste buds before dancing its way into your stomach. Every summer, aside from enrolling in Hawaiian dance, she would also take classes with Sylvia Reynoso. Carcar, just an hour drive away from the city of Cebu, is known not only for its crisp chicharon, but for its appetizing and no-frills lechon as well. Contact number: +63 922 841 6220, Photo credit: Flickr/lechon/digipam/CC-BY. She finished BS Fine Arts in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas. That’s why I took the other route. “For three years, I was looking for a lechon cooking class. 2692 friends. De la Fuente got married and had three children—Lauren, Lileya and Liyora. Our content is not intended to be used in place of legal, medical, or any professional advice. Yet, when De la Fuente served her stuffed lechon before the hotel guests and a group of Cebu media, she got good feedback that enabled her to heave a sigh of relief. How much does it cost? Popular social media personality David Dudi Califa (aka The Hungry Tourist) invited De la Fuente to serve her exquisite stuffed lechon and her Pinoy Boodle Feast which Califa had tried and fell in love with when he visited Manila last year. My personality was not cut out to be a lawyer.”.