This test is more relevant to assess real Internet connection quality than ISP sponsored test since those typically test against a server within the ISP and do not test real Internet … For example, Equipment: You own the router (and Apple 4K TV box, if applicable) 14 days after activation of your broadband service. 3. Subscription automatically renews for year 2 (currently £34.99). Answer the question correctly and you'll be able to enter a new password. The more Megabits per second, the faster your broadband. This minimum guaranteed speed is the slowest speed we think your line will run at in any given scenario. If you don’t receive this speed, we’ll try and fix the issue within 30 days. If you're entering your @fsmail username or password incorrectly, you'll get the error your email address or password are not recognised. If you do not purchase a calling add-on, then any calls you make will be charged at our standard call rates, which can be found in our price guide at Some in-app functionality is restricted on Windows 10. The download, upload and ping test will be performed to the closest server available near your location. Or, select audio if you'd prefer the letters were read out. If you've never logged in to your account, please contact us for more help. Data fair use policy may apply when roaming. If the mail doesn't arrive, check your junk mail folder. We reserve the right to withdraw or vary the boost at any time. Note: your broadband online account (including your username and password) is different to your mobile phone, 4GEE WiFi and tablet. All calls are rounded up to the nearest minute, excluding fixed fee calls, those that are free, or for calls to service number. If you can't find your password contact us for more help. If you want to keep the current telephone number you should contact You'll get the error Sorry, this answer is wrong. This is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps or Mb/s). To retain your data boost when you upgrade or change your pay monthly phone plan, your home broadband plan must still be active, and you must be moving to or remaining on a pay monthly phone plan. You choose your account password when you first signed up to broadband. Based on your address:46A Edmondscote Road Leamington Spa CV32 6AQ. 4K resolution requires 4K-capable TV. If you cancel your pay monthly mobile plan your access to BT Sport will continue while you remain on your current broadband plan. You’ll lose the data boost if you cancel your home broadband plan or pay monthly phone plan or switch to a 30-day SIM plan. If you would like further information or have any questions, please call 0800 079 5112. If you're asked to enter a preferred email address (and are having problems select, check you've not entered an incorrect character by accident, e.g. If you receive speeds significantly below the range quoted to you, please contact us. If your username looks like PRODUCTIONHQNUN123456@fs, your password will be HQNPASS123456. You'll find more help with your email in our guide email. To do this: Top tip: follow the link to go straight to the sign up page. A credit of £10 will appear on your 1st bill and will be applied against the set-up fee.