And a good 413 to all you Homestucks! Minor themes of options, chaos, evolution, and optimism. When angry and ready to fight, they might have boosted strength and dermal armor. Their gender alignment is unknown, but if only two of the standard classes are female exclusive, Heirs would be biased towards males. Heir- inherit their aspect and are naturally protected by it.

Rather than her being a Light Player, however, I am starting to really think this is the way A. Claire has influenced Joey, and that A. Claire is a Light Player herself.

Their adaptations would be unconscious and pretty much only exist to  save them. homestuck heir of life < > Most recent. I was dying to show this art to you guys. you bet! this land is very scifi modern; sleek buildings and polished walkways and glass domes. the largest city was built on top of a large forest where the denizen is trapped. As for the Life aspect…The Life aspect is sort of like an innate “life force” of living beings. Stabilize- when below 20% health, gain immunities to most negative status effects (burning, poison, Vital- your vitals never reach critical.

Yeet! im still doing these? When the Heir falls short time itself will see to it that the Heir can learn from their mistakes and succeed. They’d probably be a completely wild mix of animals or plants, never being fully one thing. }Heir of Fire, I was dying to share this artworks with you guys and finally can ❤️ this illustration is bit different from the original commission I did where she is with another character which is from other book series. the quest/challenge is to find his way underground to the forest, wake the denizen, spur massive flora overgrowth, and chase off the invaders. At first I thought no one would share it cuz it was taken picture from a IG story… I want to ask all of you who repost my work. Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. They’re basically a disney princess. Heir of Life-A god tiered Heir of Life would become a human beacon of life. At medium levels they would develop chlorokinesis, able to bend and mutate plant life to their will. Feferi’s and Jane’s Life powers glow with their text colors, which could correlate to their Life powers being part of them. Heir of Atticus’s life path number is 4 Life Path Number 4 represent 'The Worker'. They are Mother/Father Nature. At higher levels they could adapt to any situation. They could create vine whips, move forests, and other such feats. Equius (as well as his ancestor) was given the ability to not be noticed, which can be seen as an effective form of protection. This piece was commissioned by @enchantedbookbox hope you guys will like it even though everyone pretty much saw it already. what happens when a friendly, fan-made Sam plushie and a deadpool figurine fall into a kernel? At medium levels they would be able to adapt for what they know is a threat, becoming more proactive. Even a pet can be a beneficiary! Despite the obsession of both Henry VIII and later Edward with “heirs male,” nine of the ten were women.

Also, it has been theorized that the class of Heir could possibly mean “one that manipulates [aspect]”. from throne of glass series by @sjmaas. They would be able to regenerate any and all wounds caused on them or on nearby teammates, even bringing themselves back to life. The values are structure, discipline, health. John, the Heir of Breath, receives a sort of freedom from the storyline when he is affected by Lord English’s “treasure”, and Mituna receives a kind of doom when he loses part of his sanity. An Heir of Life would either have the ability to manipulate Life, protect themself/be protected by Life, be consumed by Life, become Life, be surrounded by Life, or inherit/receive Life. Her mother gave her the sign of the star, her mother gave her the inspiration to dance and practise Ballet and Tap-Dance, and this Light Influence is incredibly noticeable in everything she does. Aelin from Throne of glass series by @sjmaas, “oh no! I feel the Heir of Life not only fits her personality and role in the story quite well, but it also explains why she seems so tied to both Light and Life- Not only because she’s emulating her Mother, but because as one whose life is Changed, and who may Inherit Life, she’s literally taking all the positive she sees from her Mother and applying it to herself, leading to this intricate scenario. (I will post him separately too) So I guess I don’t really need to tell you guys who she is. Her symbol is a star! A beneficiary need not be an heir: a friend, a long-term partner, a stepchild, or a charity can be a beneficiary. They’re keen on change and can always find a way to make themselves comfortable or productive. Happy birthday to the two biggest goofballs of Homestuck! Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery

The Heir of Life is skilled at fostering and guiding growth, nature adapting to their needs and will. Obeying his father’s wishes to exclude them, Edward also did not consider his any of his three Scottish cousins, Margaret Douglas, her young son Henry (Lord Darnley), or Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scotland. On top of that, Byers, the Deercat, in a way even her Heirloom, these may be seen as her Familiars- Heirs being part of the Magician Classes, they have been tied strongly to things such as Familiars. God tiers. your name is SEAN MCLOUGHLIN, but you’d rather people call you JACK.

Hope you guys will like it xoxo also I know they look bit different than the ones I pained before. Heir-inherit their aspect and are naturally protected by it. They can move and bend nature with all of nature coming to their aid.

I find any or all of these possibilities to be likely, but I unfortunately can’t say for sure so you can pretty much interpret it in any or all of the ways listed above.Sorry I couldn’t give a better analysis, the Heir class is particularly puzzling @~@ I hope this helped, though! I find any or all of these possibilities to be likely, but I unfortunately can’t say for sure so you can pretty much interpret it in any or all of the ways listed above. GUYS THIS IS BEAUTIFUL @rairrai, like him using his ring to avoid conflict, he's trying to have a normal life over here okay, shes love of his life and ill fight anyone who disagrees, this was not meant to be such a massive write-up, but after I watched Helen Castor's Jane Grey doc I had to lauuuuugh about there only being female heirs! also: all these women (or most of them at least) have super interesting and complicated life stories so check it out, arguably the other Grey girls lived more interesting rules idek. His two sisters were both supposedly illegitimate: Mary, daughter of Henry’s first wife Katherine of Aragon, was 37; Elizabeth, the daughter of his second wife Anne Boleyn, was 19, almost 20. They can shapeshift into a myriad of animals or plants, being whatever they need for the occasion. They can move and bend nature with all of nature coming to their aid. These are obstacles she’s pushed to overcome. They can create a wide range of helpers, servants, and guards. Hi, I finally finished making a bunch of trolls vaguely based off of a mash-up between Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Plants and animals would grow larger and more energetic in their presence, and humanoids would be no exception. However, there is more to it than it meets the eye. the native consorts are not pleased with current state of affairs, but are apathetic about the notion of doing anything about it. Animals and plants can grow larger and more energetic with the HoL around. 3 reminds us that equality for all sides creates the strongest structures.