Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets are a daily diet for all small-mouthed tropical fish. links. Tetras, Barbs and other Small Mouthed Tropical Fish. QTY. Get tips and advice on your projects, plus tons of exclusive offers through our personalised emails. The micro coating locks the nutrition inside the pellet, eliminating nutrition loss and water clouding. I will be buying these pellets again very soon. The fish love them and they're lasting a long time! The easy to spot red granules are harvested from origin animal granules and amino acids, and contain fibre from plant sources for vital growth. The easy to spot red granules are harvested from origin animal granules and amino acids, and contain fibre from plant sources for vital growth. – Contains red green and yellow granules each with different indispensable nutrients your fish require. Nutrition Smaller Fish Require . 06239940 - Company registered in England & Wales - VAT No. Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets give your tropical fish access to a superior level of nutrition which is perfect for small mouthed fish, Standard Micro Pellets delivered on time at competitive price, Fish seem to love them, will ask for there feedback later. Copyright © 2006 - 2020 Swell UK Ltd. Trading as Swell UK. Vitamins and minerals are also added to promote immunity to stress and disease. Add to cart " I'd shop here any day of the week and I'd do so with confidence. Always remove any excess food after a few minutes. Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period. Phone lines open! Contains high quality fishmeal and amino acids These Tropical Micro Pellets from specialists Hikari are designed to provide tropical fish with the optimum diet. Hikari Micro Pellets £4.99. Ref: N/A £ 4.39 – £ 6.29. Size: Clear: Add to bag. If not all consumed they can leave a slight oily film on the water surface as the pellets dissolve because they contain fish oil, but that is in no way a complaint. SALE NOW ON - THOUSANDS OF PRODUCTS REDUCED! Micro Pellets - NEW IMPROVED FORMULA. Feed 2 to 4 times daily the amount your pet will consume within a few minutes. Select options. Hikari Micro Pellets. Unique, micro coated granules offering complete and balanced nutrition. Hikari's Micro Pellets have locked all these important aspects of the diet behind a thin layer surrounding the pellet, this prevents the food decreasing in its nutritional value. – Manufactured using a modern Bio- Technology process which aids your tropical fish in maintaining brilliant colors in indoor aquariums year round. There is little waste, as the granules keep their shape in the water, locking the nutrients inside. Size: 22g, 45g, 80g. The micro-coating maintains nutrient integrity while the nutrition packed pellets offer outstanding value compared to flakes. The pellets small size allows these smaller fish to easily grab and hold them in their smaller mouths. Multi- colored granulated pellets providing superior nutrition for tetras barbs and other small- mouthed tropical fish. Select options. Company Registration No. Micro coating locks nutrition inside the pellet, eliminating nutrition loss through dissipation and water clouding, The premium marine and vegetable protein mix is ideal for small tropical fish who require higher energy reserves, The inclusion of krill and spirulina promote vivid colouration, QIK-COLOR™ Red granules are highly visible underwater resulting in more rapid acceptance, Soft texture is ideally suited for most smaller tropical fish.