A back-cut is when a player cuts behind their defender towards the basket. The halfback is responsible for slowing the ball if it is being dribbled. How to Coach a Sweeper/Stopper Defense in Soccer. When the shot is taken, the offense should go to the rebound/conversion defense spots described above. The offense wins the possession if they can hit the rim with a shot in the 15 seconds. What Ancient Spartan Warriors Can Teach Us About Leadership, 5 Reasons I LOVE Ball Screen Continuity Offense, 5 Reasons Why I LOVE the Princeton Offense, 7 Reasons You Should Consider Running the Princeton Offense, The Ultimate Guide: Basketball Team Conditioning. Wings can guard players taller or shorter than them and should be able to score in a variety of ways. Those are Don Meyer terms I borrowed. Tips: Walk toward your defender before you make your backdoor cut. If you are playing half-court man-to-man, you retreat to the defensive side of the court and pick up your man soon after he crosses the center line. We have always played 4 on 5 in the half court, but playing it in conversion is a great way to improve your conversion through the disadvantage principle as well. Tips: If you can sneak behind the defense before you make your flash cut, it can be difficult for the defenders to find you and stop you from cutting. The PG usually guards the other teams best ball-handler on defense and is responsible for keeping the other PG from breaking down their teams defense. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is also a major point of emphasis for us to not make risky passes that have a 50/50 chance of being caught by us. If your team is playing zone, you guard a particular area instead of a particular man. offense mean your basically scoring against the opposing team.. ( shooting, layup, dunk,) anytime when the ball goes inside the basketball hoop for your side of the team... defense means your basically protecting your side of the basketball court from the opposing team from scoring ( steals , staying infront of your opponent, block shots) If the offense does shoot an airball, the defense must get the rebound to win the possession. I use the term slow the ball because if he attempts to make a stand and stop the ball out on the floor, he is likely to get beat and then we have only the fullback to stop their break. Forward Skills: Rebounding, post-defense, make open jump shots, play off pick and rolls, set good screens. Committed to Excellence. Click the image or here: Defensive Conversion Drill for a video of a very simple, but very good conversion drill. Unstoppable! On offense there are several types of cuts that are commonly made during the course of a game. When the varsity turns the ball over or the defense gets a rebound, those players at half court take off toward the opposite end (the basket we are defending) in order to force our conversion defense to play at a quicker pace. 10 Insanely Practical Tips for Your Next Basketball Tryout, The 7 Basic Actions of the Princeton Offense. 5001 1st Ave. Having a numbers disadvantage forces better communication among the conversion defenders. The 5 offensive players then push the ball up against the 4 defenders as the clock counts down from 15 seconds. If you are playing a full court man-to-man defense, you pick up your assigned player as soon the other team controls the ball. The rule for those 3 rebounders (Coach Don Meyer called them “tailbacks”) is that they must be past mid court in two and a half seconds after the shot hits the rim. Driven by Purpose. Breakthrough Basketball, LLC. One of my points of emphasis for our offense is that we must be able to defend the shots we take and the turnovers we make. If the halfback slows the dribble, that gives our three offensive rebounders time to sprint back and become a part of our conversion defense. Wings typically handle the basketball the least out of the three guards and are one of the most versatile players on the floor. This change of pace confuses the defender and makes them think you are trying to move toward the ball to receive a pass. Change speeds when making your cut. Ingredients of a Successful Basketball Practice, How to Build a Competitive Spirit in Athletes. Our goal is to force the opponent to play against our set pack line style defense each possession by executing our half court offense and full court conversion defense every possession of every practice and every game. Also, use your arm to rip the contact made by the defender as you make your way in the direction of the basket; often defenders will try to prevent you from “cutting across their face” which means they want to force you behind them instead of in front of them. Most back-cuts are made when the defensive player is playing aggressive defense and denying the offensive player from getting the ball. This requires players to be able to play great on-ball defense and for help defense to be in the correct position and ready to rotate and help when needed. Defense definition, resistance against attack; protection: Two more regiments are needed for the defense of the city. Generally speaking the point guard is responsible for distributing the ball to teammates and getting other players into the right spots on the floor. A 2-3 zone, with three defenders on the back line, is a strong rebounding formation. The defense wins the possession if they can force a turnover or keep the second team from taking a shot that hits the rim before the 15 seconds run out. When we substitute we make sure to communicate our halfback, fullback, and offensive rebounder roles as well as the man we are guarding between the player going in the game and the player coming out of the game. […] post:  Basketball Defensive Conversion Concepts | Coaching Toolblog By admin | category: basketball, basketball drills, quotes | tags: basketball drills, […], […] Defensive Conversion Concepts @BrianWWilliams […], Design by BuzzworthyBasketballMarketing.com, Basketball Coaching Stress - Resolutions for Impact, Coaching Basketball and Stress - The Stress Fact Sheet, Playing with Purpose on Purpose Part 2 “Advanced Purpose”. In a classic man-to-man defense, the coach assigns each player to guard a specific offensive player. Conversion defense begins when we shoot the ball. Forwards have the ability to make a mid-range jump shot, play in the post, and score off pick and rolls. Many types of half-court and full-court zone formations can trap opponents and pressure them into turnovers. In a similar way, an offensive player will walk their defender away and make a perpendicular cut out to the perimeter to catch the ball (the cut makes the shape of a L). The best point guards are often referred to as another “coach” on the floor. Here are some of the special rules we use from time to time if our second team has a hard time pushing our first team in practice: When we are scrimmaging, the second team does not have to take the ball out of bounds after a basket, they just take it out of the net and play it to force our first team to convert quickly.