These formerly circulating United States silver coins are sometimes referred to as: Constitutional Silver Coins, Junk Silver Coins, pre 1964 silver coins, pre 1965 silver coins, 90% Silver Coins, or 40% Silver Coins (struck from 1965 - 1970). Have a look at how little your pocket change is truly worth in metal value. In actuality, 90% silver coins can come in a variety of conditions from near brilliant uncirculated (BU) to circulated (worn). Hero Bullion | 621 E Princeton Dr #976, Princeton, TX 75407 | ©2020 All Rights Reserved, Easy, efficient way to enhance your assets, Orders and dates of mintage will vary based on current inventory, 2020 American Silver Eagle Coin Monster Box, 100 oz Silver Bar- Any Mint, Any Condition, , Precious Metals Automated Product Pricing, Each unit ordered will contain $1 face value in 90% silver coins. 1 HALF POUND LB BAG Mixed U.S. Old US silver coins were once commonplace and formally part of our nation’s standard circulation coinage. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Often sellers on eBay will have lots with different combinations of junk silver. All coins included in your purchase were struck by the U.S. Mint and are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. However, the spot price is for 1 troy ounce of silver but junk silver is rarely sold by the troy ounce. What separates them from “junk” is their silver content. You can also buy 90% Silver Coins in bulk increments of $100 Face Value, $500 Face Value, and $1000 Face Value. Junk silver coins get sought after for their silver content, and they have collector’s appeal as they are indeed a part of history in your hands. Old US silver dimes, silver quarters, silver half dollars, and silver dollar coins. Most of the 90% US silver coins made have likely been melted by now into other industrial silver requiring products, gone forever from the legal tender silver coin supply. Some experts estimate that 98% of all junk silver coins were in line to be melted down during those spiking silver price periods around the 1980 silver price spike. If you have any questions regarding the 90% Silver Coins or any other products you are considering, please do not hesitate to reach out. The online calculator below determines the melt value of any silver coin beginning with the 1940's Jefferson nickel and ending with the current American Silver Eagle. Easy! Silver will arrive in a plastic burlap sack for convenient transportation and storage. Not only are you obtaining a tangible asset, but you are receiving historic American bullion from an era long-gone. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Why do people buy and save Constitutional Silver Coins? Because of its smaller denominations, it provides a way to barter for everyday items during a period of survival. A dime ($.10) is one-tenth the mass (with the same purity) as one dollar. Nickels minted from 1942-1945 are 35% silver. Earlier this year (2018), Silver Doctors broke a junk silver coin story. These are 90% silver coins minted by the US Government pre-1965 (half dollars, quarters, and dimes). Then in 2015, it broke that record, and to date, the year 2015 remains one in which the US Mint (see the data on the bottom half of the page) sold the most Silver Eagles Coins. US 90% silver coins are sought after based on both their silver content and currency value. All the US 90%  junk silver coins ever minted is all there will ever be, and because of the many decade-running meltdowns of these 90% silver coins from the late 1970s into the future, said 90% silver coins have and will become even more scarce. $963.79. Enter the silver weight (for junk silver, you may need to use one of the previous calculators to determine the silver weight) and how much you paid to calculate the premium. Some people don’t like the word “junk,” even though it doesn’t mean it’s trash, and some people want to use the word Constitutional because the US Constitution lays out the requirement for a bi-metallic gold and silver standard. There are two components to the price of any silver coin - the silver content, and the product's price premium above the live silver spot price.