They listen and respond to French and learn the days of the week, colours, numbers to twenty and the French alphabet. These also provide parents with examples of questions they can ask their child when hearing them read, as the development of reading is a vital partnership between home and school. types. We believe that learning in PSHE gives the children a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to have a greater understand of themselves and others, their own cultures and those of others, thus enabling them to be more tolerant and understanding. They are given regular opportunities to perform to each other and to parents. Please refer to the long term plans for a breakdown of each classes Topics throughout the year. Log in 6.11.20 COVID Bubble closure (Y5/6 Miss Daniels) Please see letters posted in Newsletters Home Page The Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School The large majority of pupils progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. Our Implementation for our Geography Curriculum: Pupils are given opportunities to lead their own lines of geographic enquiries and record their findings in a variety of ways. When writing, younger pupils are encouraged to verbalise what they want to write so that they understand the patterns of sentences and the function of questions and commands. All the rest of the class were cracking on with their work but she was getting nowhere. However, timely intervention and continuous assessment of children’s grasp of concepts and readiness to move on, will determine the decisions about when to progress to the next stage. The Emmanuel Project also contains subject specific knowledge resources and all staff know they can draw on the expertise of the diocesan education team. A hands-on approach to teaching science is adopted throughout the school. We help pupils to make sense of an ever-changing world. We include a KeyDoc, produced with one of our associate education experts, setting out maths vocabulary for years 1 to 6 in line with the National Curriculum. At Elmsett school, we follow the Emmanuel Project, which is a carefully designed cycle of lessons for each subject which allows for progression and depth. The Street, Elmsett, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 6PA. As part of this they learn to play, to compose, to improvise and to read musical notation including tab and staff notation. to improve the website performance by capturing information such as browser and device We are currently in the process of applying the fundamentals of a ‘Maths Mastery’ way of teaching throughout the school to further develop the children’s fluent understanding of mathematical skills as well as ensuring that they can apply this knowledge into more abstract problem solving situations.