I whole-heartedly recommend this wonderful program!”. You need to know your stuff. note: this training will be LIVE and online. She has been honored to lead thousands of people across the globe in movement and/or meditation and continues to remind us all that your wellbeing is your birthright. The program is centered around the study of various Buddhist subjects as explained in the collection of books written by founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. She completed a week long silent meditation retreat and a 200hr meditation teacher training in 2018. Our 2021 program schedule will be announced soon! The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, based on the commentary Joyful Path of Good Fortune, 2. Real-time, group classes provide a more enjoyable, personalized experience. By calming and focusing your mind, you’re able to live every moment to its fullest. We solemnly swear not to spam you. Her training in a variety of modalities, techniques, sciences and philosophies has helped her to establish a contemporary and unique approach to Yoga, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual development. The Completely Free Meditation Teacher Training Course 1: Train yourself. Classes will be interactive and social, and special care will be taken to build community, and foster friendships, among the class. Most recently, Jackie was on tour with Oprah Winfrey, playing sound bowls for mass meditations in sold out arenas across the US. We do not guarantee employment upon graduating, but you will be more than ready to begin teaching and building your personal brand should you choose to! Coming from a range of backgrounds, each of our engaging teachers has a unique perspective, so you’re sure to find someone you connect with. Career/ Current Employment . This immersive training will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to effectively offer mindfulness and kindness practices to kids 5-17. His focus is at the intersection of culture, community and wellbeing. He now helps professionals unlock their full potential and execute their vision in life. The Heart Sutra, based on the commentary The New Heart of Wisdom, 4. Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra, based on the commentary Tantric Grounds and Paths, 12. How long have you been practicing meditation? She provides One on One Coaching to individuals looking to go deeper in their spiritual journey. Our Meditation Teacher Training offers tracks in both Mindfulness & Loving-kindness and Compassion and provides extraordinary opportunities to advance your practice while developing your teaching skills — with expert instructors who specialize in the combination of meditation, Buddhism, the art of teaching, and the latest in neuropsychology. Lodro Rinzler is a meditation teacher and the author of six meditation books, and he is the co-founder of MNDFL meditation studios in New York City. Earle Birney is an accomplished meditation teacher and practitioner, having completed the traditional 3 year, 3 month and 3 day silent meditation retreat. Miriam Parker is a visual and performance artist, and has been working professionally in the New York City dance and visual art world for the past 25 years. This feedback form is completely anonymous and designed to collect experiences, suggestions and reflections on our space. Class meets twice a week for two and a half hours. The Mindfulness Center offers comprehensive mindfulness training programs including: Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training Online and Introduction to Meditation Online. Lodro has taught meditation for twenty years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and travels frequently for his books, having spoken across the world at conferences, universities, and businesses as diverse as Google, Harvard University and the White House. Her work has been featured in Shape, Cosmo, and TimeOut NY publications. Wellbeing is Better Together. One is dedicated to Mindfulness & Loving-kindness Meditation and the other in Compassion Meditation. Connect with her at hi@angela-rivera.com. Consider me your accountability partner! & Resident Teacher of KMC NYC, The Teacher Training Program (TTP) is for those Wishing to Become Qualified Kadampa Buddhist Teachers. She holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture, a BS in Biology, published 2 books on the subject of Yoga and Meridians and has led numerous trainings and intensives in Yoga and Acupressure worldwide. In sharing the gifts that her practice as offered her, Miriam has realized that each of us are the architects of your own worlds, and that the inner landscape is the soil that needs tending in order to bear fruit. The Bodhisattva’s Moral Discipline, based on the commentary The Bodhisattva Vow, 9. Less stress, better sleep, a more optimistic outlook— Journey helps with it all. Eastern National Spiritual Director Students then participate in putting up and taking down the shrine offerings and setting up the meditation room for the next class. Miriam has completed 200 hours of Meditation teacher training through Three Jewels NYC, and 300 hours of Yoga teacher training through Jivamukti. PANEL: Becoming a Professional Meditation Teacher . Country. If for a suitable reason a student is not able to attend the class in person, he or she is expected to listen to the class recording and submit a summary. ANYONE includes people of all races, ancestries, ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, sizes, abilities, ages, class, socioeconomic status, national origin, religions and wisdom traditions. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Sadly, this year’s retreat is postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic. The Teacher Training Program exists to provide extensive training for those wishing to become qualified teachers of Modern Kadampa Buddhism. Last Name. This training is for coaches, teachers, caregiving professionals, yoga instructors, or anyone who is looking to immerse themselves in the theory and practice of meditation. Jackie Stewart can be found in NYC teaching meditation and mentoring teacher trainees at MNDFL, online with Alo Moves, and on your smart device through the Journey LIVE app. Registration has ended for the 2020 program. Our teachers coach you through the practice and cheer you on every step of the way. A warm and inviting community helps you to keep coming back. Afterwards the students divide into pairs to discuss the section. She’s a teacher and a lifelong student that applies these teachings to her everyday life in order to bring a genuine experience to her clients. Through a deep and continuing commitment to the program of study, meditation, discussion, and retreat, we can gain deep experience of Buddha’s teachings, establish a strong meditation practice, and become a qualified teacher in our own right. Continue Reading Curriculum. Subscribe Today to receive the latest news and a handful of inspiration. With an MA from NYU’s School of Culture, Education, and Human Development she brings mindfulness into action by leading corporate meditations, philanthropic work, and engaged family life. State/Province. Be the first to know about new classes, announcements, and events. Plase note: this program is on a temporary hiatus until we can safely meet in person. Before you leave, we hope you’ll give us your email address so that we can keep you up to date on Nalanda Institute’s course offerings, events, and more. The program comprises the following twelve subjects, based on Buddha’s Sutra and Tantra teachings and the corresponding commentaries by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso: 1. Journey LIVE helps you find time for yourself with live classes all day long. She is the mindfulness advisor for Rose & Rex, where she regularly contributes mindful parenting articles. The Practice of Heruka Body Mandala, based on the commentary Essence of Vajrayana. The Nalanda Institute staff brought a wealth of material, experience and knowledge for the benefit of us all. IDP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 2007. Beyond Three Jewels classes, our meditation teachers currently teach at corporate workplaces, shelters, schools and more. She also sits on the team of support experts at Phoebe, a personalized community nurturing women through their transformation into motherhood. Our programs enable everyone to learn to offer meditation and compassion techniques to adults and children with integrity and skill. Meditation Teacher Training is offered in two complementary, but independent tracks. Members also can share events on the IDP calendar with our community. Each training for certification runs for 12 weeks, once a year. Our namesake — the ancient Nalanda University in India. This Meditation Teacher Training program is now SOLD OUT. He teaches meditation and philosophy to a variety of students, focusing primarily on youth both local and abroad. Main navigation. They can be a quick small gesture or they can be elaborate and long lasting. Angela Rivera is a Transformational Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher & Natural Food Chef. Mindfulness & Loving-kindness Meditation. The Interdependence Project is the premier mindfulness teacher training institute in New York City. It is a highly practical course that has been designed to offer you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation. She has guest lectured at Universities across the country, from University of Washington to Columbia University, and taught for companies like Microsoft, Reebok, Live Nation, Ralph Lauren, and H&M. 127 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011 She invites her community in as family by co-facilitating Sound Meditations alongside her husband throughout New York City (jimmyandjackie.com). Empowerments for members are half-price. Distant reiki for people, kids, and pets! Zip/Postal Code. Guide to the Middle Way, based on the commentary Ocean of Nectar, 7. Miriam has been teaching meditation in NYC studios, non-profit organizations, and corporate settings for nearly 10 years. Graduates are eligible to become Certified Mindfulness Teachers with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Not all training hours will be online; self-study is accounted for in the training to prevent screen fatigue! She studied Yoga extensively with master Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. Sign up today and get your exclusive offer to share. The teacher then reads the assigned portion from the book while giving commentary to the text. Named one of 50 Innovators Shaping the Future of Wellness by SONIMA, Rinzler's work has been featured in The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Good Morning America, CBS, and NBC. Meditation Teacher Training will resume as soon as we can safely meet in person. 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