To get an idea of what we talk about, you can watch the video below. Transcribing podcasts on your own becomes increasingly difficult as their duration increases. Most podcast apps provide a 10-15 second rewind button that will be extremely helpful for your transcription. Depending on how long your episode is, this can take a while so go grab a coffee. Oct 23, 2020 15:32 PM. You can then use the buttons to Copy or Download the entire text. Podcasts are an audio-based medium, and transcription ensures the inclusion of people with hearing difficulties. You just have to upload a file you want to transcribe and then use the Happy Scribe’s Interactive Editor to make corrections to the text before exporting it as a Export in Word, PDF, TXT, SRT, VTT, STL, XML, Premiere or AVID file. And the best part - unlimited Live Transcriptions are completely free for Transcribe PRO subscribers!There are other benefits of having Transcribe PRO Subscription:- Exporting to TXT, PDF, DOCX, SRT files- Synchronize unlimited number of files (up to 50 Gb) between devices- Addition 3 hours of server transcription as a bonus. Temi’s proprietary algorithm was created by speech recognition experts and it can easily detect multiple speakers. Price: Free, $99 for an individual license. Podcasting audio to text transcription software products improve the searchability of the episodes of your show and make it easier for your listeners to find them. Each audio file you transcribe with InqScribe can be exported in file formats that are compatible with a broad range of video editing, subtitling or word processing software products. Most probably this is why you had bad results as well.We provide our subscribers with an improved recognition model which can handle recorded calls much better. Another available option is using podcasting transcription software that will automatically transcribe your podcast. The transcription process lasts for just a few minutes, and once it is completed you can export your transcripts to Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPX, Excel, Word or any other software you’re using to create your podcasts. Do you spend a long time writing meeting minutes or reviewing interviews you've recorded? The Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcast Sonix is committed to the security of your data and provides multiple layers of protection for the personal information you trust to us. Requires iOS 12.1 or later. Once transcribed voice memos could be searched for phrases, edited, and exported in numerous formats. Blog posts are a great way for Google to crawl your site and have your podcast discovered. It depends largely on the recording quality itself. You may find more details in our Terms and Privacy Policy available by the link =>, Hello!Transcribe is the best audio recordings manager. I used this because I needed to transcribe a qualitative research interview quickly after having problems with Zoom’s transcription. Descript automatically transcribes your videos with 96% accuracy and it detects multiple speakers effortlessly. Google Voice Typing can become a bit laborious, so if you're not about sitting in front of your computer to create a blog post and want to save time, your best bet is to dictate your ideas into your voice memo app on your phone and send it off to Rev or Temi. Well, he's right and this is a drum that I have been beating upon deaf podcaster ears for a long time. You don’t have to spend money on subscriptions to voice to text software products every month since Google Docs offers a simple and free solution. Extending the reach of your audience is an essential step towards creating a loyal base of subscribers who follow your work. By subscribing to Transcribe PRO you make it possible for us to focus on ever-improving the app.