You don’t have to wait in line 5-10 mins to find out movie is out, you don’t have to feel rushed cause line behind you. Wow this is sad. Each item you can rent has a daily rental charge. One of the greatest ideas ever. And netflix sucks they never ever update there selection. I recently had a scare when I returned a movie to Red Box and didn’t receive confirmation the movie was accepted. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need? Still have been too busy to watch it and it is at my friends house. It has been six days and 2 DVD’s are still unaccounted for. If you rented a movie at 11:59 PM (On a Thursday) you would have to return it the next day (a minute later being the next day) at 9PM of that Friday. They were insistent I rented this particular movie. And while it’s not identified, a random charge appeared on my credit card for $43.33. So I went home. Lol. Latest edit was made on 31 Oct 2007 @ 6:00. When Dave said, “$24 for additional nights” he did not say “$24 per additional night.” You obviously have never read the beginning of the conversation above his post or maybe you just like to talk down to people. If I take it back tomorrow I will be charged about $10 for it… should I just keep it and pay $15 more or is that stupid? Maybe you should save your money and go to a psychologist because you obviously suffer from sort of inferiority complex seeing how you feel the need to be mean to someone you do not know who has done nothing to you. Your rental period ends at 9:00 p.m. the day after you rent. Well lady I don’t know about you but I don’t like to spend all day in my recliner…. Your rental period ends at 9:00 p.m. the day after you rent. You are supporting the econemy also, how many redbox employees do you see? So if you rented a movie on Sunday at 11:30 pm, you would have to return it by Monday at 9:00 pm to avoid paying for another rental period plus any applicable tax. Lol some people these days, Waste of money!! The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. Rental return time is always before 9pm local time the next day. 1$ a day is to much IMO 1$ for 2days sounds better. How long is the rental period? Google's struggles in the subscription video business are well known. Got Transformers at 8:30A.M. While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on our site may differ from actual numbers.See our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer for more details. C J s/ Dilley TX. Once it hits 9pm, you will be charged the daily fee for this next day….and so on. I love redbox just remember to return the movie and your fine! Omg that is so funny !!!!!! They have no new movies then when they get some u won’t see any more new movies on There on there for months at a time! Hahahahaha lol, Before you go insulting someone else’s intelligence, check your own. Not $1 for the first day and $25 for the next. Forums. Netflix is a waste of money!! I just read on their website the max they charge is 24.00, maybe i read that wrong? I’m with you Pat, I stream Netflix or something else online for free, and then use my library a lot – it is just up the street about 2 blocks and they have a really great selection – I am not alone in my town – everyone I talk to is doing the same thing. So you have to drive to the library, or you can request the movie on line and it can be ready for you when you arrive at your local library. No problem. He has experience using a range of different platforms and software, and likes to keep up with updates and new features. So, I lost mine in a move like 2 months ago and have no idea where they are. The customer service folks were great – credited me with the return and I never heard any more about the issue and did not get charged any additional $$. They offered to refund me only $24.00 but why offer to refund anything if they are in the right? Login: I had $20.51 charged to my account.. realized i had never returned a movie so i called them to see if i had already paid for the movie and might as well keep it. We use them all the time- you don’t have to return to the one you rented from, and you have until 9 PM to return them. When I called redbox, the were pretty ugly. How is it right that they can sell the movie for 10.00 and charge me the roughly 30.00 for 1 movie er, I returned 2 movies yesterday then later on Redbox took $55 from my account. Want to hold onto your disc for longer? Each time it was roughly $26. You pay $1.20 for each night you have the movie. Most of you that left comments here needs to start acting your age. We aggregate FREE movies from multiple sources so you don’t have to go looking for more movie sites. If you lose or damage the movie, it only costs you what the movie would cost you in the store. The best thing to do is contact RedBox customer service immediately if you lose your DVD. You’re totally wrong Dave. Chris Batchelor is a wikiHow community member and technology enthusiast. This article was co-authored by Chris Batchelor, a trusted member of wikiHow's community. While announcing the chip was big news, the company also had already some M1-equipped devices to unveil as .... Apple's new MacBook Air with M1: Everything is faster and more efficient. Our video store is failing after putting in alot of love into it, meeting and making friends, getting to know nice families. Would you please let me know how l stand with you people. If establishing a redbox site in Canada or the western U.S., you will need a 110v to 220v inverter. Well I can tell you that it seems only Alison got it right. I know I returned them. You get brand new movies which you have to wait for on dervish and netflix. We just launched, we love movies like you do so I hope you like our site. “What Happens If You Lose a RedBox Movie Rental?” ???? The customer service rep then explained that next time something happens, I need to call them while I’m standing in front of the machine so they can record the time, date, and other important information (as well as schedule a service call if it is necessary). So now you know what to do if your Red Box DVD isn’t returned properly… so what about if you lose a Red Box DVD? You don’t get charged an exra 24 dollars after the 24 dollars. In short, you have maximum 45 hour rental period. ... 11, 2011 #1 Their page's FAQ is confusing as shit here, I know if I rent a movie before 9PM it's due the next day before 9PM. It adds up to roughly $25 total for each disc. l have never received an e-mail telling me that the Dvd’s that l rented had been received by you peoplel have rented 5 or6 d.v.d’s and would like to know if you have received all of them , the last movie that l rented was the Helper which l dropped in the box ‘am starting to get a little nervouslast week. Just had this happen you only get charged 24 dollars for a movie. Can I place a Redbox at a business I don't own? Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. This is the last time I’m using it due to the past 6 DVD’s haven’t played through the entire movie. Then the machine grabs the movie and sucks it into the inner depths of the machine where the movie is then recorded with a time stamp and your account is updated. Once I started I couldn’t stop reading. It doesn't matter what time, only literally what day it is in your local time zone. Do you see a single charge for 25.00. Redbox should print out a receipt when you rent and return. I am still waiting for Redbox to resolve their losing 4 DVD’s. Why you should stick to blockbuster if there are any left in your area. I’m a big movie watcher, and I love taking advantage of movie deals like the popular Netflix free trial or RedBox free rental codes. I have been using Red Box for about 3 weeks now and they always had the 9PM return time in my area. The woman on the phone told me that you’re not charged extra fees after the 21 days — you’ve just been charged what would amount to ~$25 total or whatever it was. A movie for a day for a $1 (couple this with RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter and NERO and you have one hell of deal ;-), Here in Las Vegas,NV. Thank you all!! They have tons of movie choices to choose from but, about 60 percent of the movies in there are some B rated flick. If you would like yet another alternative to movies, try our site. Hubby “forgot” to return some dumb movie he rented and didn’t even like, and after taxes, our charge for said movie was $27.28. I’m always charged the daily rate. The thank you email (which somehow counts a rental done on evening of 16th and returned evening of 30th as 16 nights) cleverly neglects to say how much I was charged. Then one day I was cleaning up the car and realized I had forgotten to return a redbox dvd. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Redbox rental return time question. "Rental time starts as soon as the disc is reserved, that is regardless of its pick up time because as soon as the disc is reserved no can will be able to rent the disc". Which FICO Scores Do Mortgage Lenders Use? If you don’t like them, don’t rent from them. Better to be an old confused person than a hateful one. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. Well Redbox does not lose money on you losing a DVD.