In Santal marriage, there is no restriction of age. There is special function for wearing of Merhed Sakom in the process of marriage. The pre-marital sex ratio is a little higher in Adivasi society mainly because of the fact that tribal communities allow me, Teacher removes clothes of eight Adivasi Girl students on the pretext of taking measurements for their uniforms in Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh), SC upholding the Kerala Restriction on Transfer by and Restoration of Lands to the Scheduled Tribes Act, 1999, Adivasi Development Schemes of Kerala State of India, Adivasi: A Contentious Term to denote Tribes as Indigenous Peoples of India, 50 Adivasi Groups of Karnataka State lost tenural rights over forests, having lack of food security and a high degree of dependency on wage labour that put them languishing at the lowest strata of society, Oriya Vs Adivasi – Discrimination of tribal population in Orissa State of India, Virginity test of Adivasi women for state-sponsored Hindu way of marriage, Adivasi students to be taught in Santhali in Bengal, Birsa Commando Force seeks Adivasi council in Assam, Mine owner beaten up by Adivasis in Jamshedpur, Adivasi Song to fight against displacement, pollution and state sponsored terrorism.   Marriage led by Haram hor. If the decision is negative, the process will end in this phase. Family members will be busy inviting their relatives, friends, near and dear once. Santals follow several different forms of marriage depending upon different situations and circumstances. Parents of boys or girls will appoint an interlocutor called Raibaar. It is common understanding between bride and groom side. It is social custom, by which she will not be able to touch groom after marriage. Couple themselves arranges the other forms of marriages. The entire question is being asked in indirect way to maintain the decorum of custom. 1. Folklore is believed that, Santhal’s world started with them and they were the first couple to get married. Bride has to be taken only in Rahi Chudal by the villagers/relatives from groom’s village. ( Log Out /  One can divide the whole process in different phases. 6. Hindus were trying bring Santhals into the umbrella of Caste system. i am currently working among the santhals…the santhals are originally hindus…but now they have emergeinto a new religion called ‘sarna’… however there are a few take up christianity or some other religion as per their choice…. It means they are ready to go for further process, which is visiting to each other families. It’s a special kind of bangle only for married women. There is special function for newly married couple called Tiril-Tarob. After few weeks or couple of day’s times, if girl’s family shows interest will inform Raibaar. Such kind of marriage occurs from haat (village, daily or weekly local market), pata (mela or community celebration of some occasion). In spite of some social upheaval in social norms during the past century in Santhal communities, one can find the institution of marriage is very strong. This page has been developed and maintained by Jharkhand Volunteer*. Parents will convey their decision of marriage to other family boy or girl by going to Majhi’s home. In this phase Raibaar take initiative to visit both families. Each process customs are followed strictly by the Raibaar and parents of boy or girl. A woman made pregnant by another male can be socially accepted and converted in marriage. Merhed-Sakom: It is to be a distinctive feature for married person (especially bride). 40 houses of Adivasi torched in southern Assam, Facebook Bans 1000s of Adivasis’ Pages & Accounts, >Adivasi Girl gangraped by NGO men at Delhi, >Chhattisgarh villages torched in police rampage, Poverty-ridden Adivasi man axed family, self in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh Police looted Bastar Adivasis, 1500 Santhal Adivasis evicted from forest land of Assam. And it is his responsibility to convey other family. Daram-Gande: If bride is having elder sister and not married. After conveying decision of marriage to Headman, family members will be relaxed because they know the Majhi will take care of the customs and ceremonies. Both parents will convey their decision to Majhi (headman of village) in order to get social sanctioned and involvement. Pre-marital relation within lineage group is not allowed. Researchers and people interested must go deep into the root of origin of Santhal. The high wooden turmeric crusher called akhur (on the right) indicates that tumeric powder is used to soak the wedding dress in turmeric water to clean it and purify it ritually. Naxalbari to Lalgarh: My life made me a Naxalite, Adivasi and Naxal violent protest movement in Lalgarh, West Bengal, Sexual abuses and assaults on Adivasis at Narayanpatna in Koraput district, Bengal: Naxal and Adivasi violent protest in Lalgarh; Law and order situation now under Central attack. ( Log Out /  The anthropological handbook Notes and Queries (1951) defined marriage as “a union of a man and a woman such that children of the woman are recognized as legitimate by both parents”. Sange Bariyat or Sange: Marriage accompanied by many. 10. *Jharkhand Volunteer is a group of virtual volunteers; it maintains websites, video and forum for Jharkhand Org. Their marriages are exogamous and these marriages called as `Bapla` are of twelve types namely Sanga Bapla, Kadam Bapla, Kirin Bapla, Upagir Bapla, Tunki Dipil Bapla, Itut Bapla, Nirbelok Bapla, Diku Bapla, Sange Bariyat, Haram Bariiyat, Gardi-Jawain. There are two types of marriage practiced by Santals- the marriage arranged by Raibar (match maker) is the regular form of marriage. They generally follow village exogamy. Itut-Sindur Bapla:  Process of applying vermillion in mid of forehead of bride by the groom is called Itut. The Santhals have different category of marriage. At the end or mid of every marriage, the bride price is collected. 1. Phase 2:  (Orah duar njel) Visiting of parents and relatives to each other’s home Also need consent from wife of elder brother. Any male or female get along and come to common consent of getting marriage. Some Santhali Marriage terms used above: Tunki Dipil Bapla: This kind of bapla is also known as Rahi Chaudal Bapla (portable house for bride). Taka Chal is the custom included with the process. Divorce can be obtained easily; however, some alimony has to be given whole divorcee. 11. Many customs are incomplete without the help of Majhi, Naike and Jogmajhi. But in case of other lineage group it is excused and finally results in marriage or social segregation. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. Process also includes with substantiation by presenting cloths (most often) for to be bride and groom and the process is called Horoh Chinah. Gonog is a bride price, that groom has to pay to the bride’s family. Types of Santhal’s Marriage:- 1) Sangha Bapla (Ader bapla): Sangha Bapla (Marriage) is alluded to marriage done by senior sibling’s significant other by more youthful sibling in the event of death and lost. After going back to respective home all family members come together and share point of their observation and all will give their opinion for the proposal. Although in many views, Santhals marriage as a private expression of their love for one another, but for centuries Santhal matrimony has been a very public institution impacted by tradition, culture, religion and  Santhali laws. And Itut custom is being done after completing certain years too. He talks mostly with parents (if parents are dead, then head of the family) about the other family’s interested in bride for their son/brother. Jharkhand.ORG (India) -> It helps the family in agricultural activities. It is without the information of parents but, later on parents are being informed by messenger of village i.e. Sangha Bapla (Ader bapla): Sangha Bapla (Marriage) is referred to marriage done by elder brother’s wife by younger brother in case of death and lost. 1. Without joyful night by singing, dancing, drumming and playing flutes Santhal marriage is not considered. Why Golden Peacock Award to Vedanta Alumina Limited? Diku Bapla: Replicating Hindu methods of marriage or other than Santhal custom is called Diku Bapla. Jharkhand.ORG (United States) -> Also need consent from wife of elder brother. Where villagers have rights to ask and clear their doubt about both of them. By visiting each other’s families, they will not only examine the condition of living, status and other things but also check how the family members are and presenting themselves in front of other family members. Marriages in Santhals are regarded as pure and sacred. There is also the practice of the son-in-law staying in his in-laws` house. Society accepts followed by some rituals and customs by more hor (five eminent people of village) villagers, naike and manjhi haram (headman). Rest followed and modified in due course of time. ( Log Out /  Additionally need assent from spouse of senior sibling. By giving loose statement will not prove anything. It is common understanding between bride and groom side. PhD,Department of Anthropology,Delhi. Kadam Bapla: Kadam Bapla is generally done under kadam tree with all rituals and customs. 2. This marriage is done in order to prevent anyone from widowhood. If girl’s family shows interest in the proposal put up by Raibaar. 7. Santhals are never hindu. Majhi, Naike, Jogmajhi and villagers are also stake holders of marriage in village. Adibasi Girl MMS Video: Adivasi Girl Stripped & Molested on Walk of Shame, Development of Jarawa and Jharkhandi Adivasis in Andaman islands, India, Adivasi girls raped by SPOs in Chhattisgarh village, The Development of Adivasis in South India, Dongria Kondh Adivasis’ Popularity is being encashed by NGOs, Dongria Kondh Adivasis at Niyamgiri mountain fear displacement and disruption of their centuries-old culture, Life of the Jharkhandi Adivasi Girls at New Delhi, CRPF violating PESA in Jharkhandi Villages, 17 Adivasi Tortured in Anti-Naxal Operations, Adivasi Girls forced into prostitution at New Delhi, Adivasi Activists branded as Maoist in Gujarat, Corporate Terror Against the Adivasis of Kalingnagar, Adivasi woman chops off head of 3 years old boy, Internally displaced Adivasi of Chhattisgarh, 100 Adivasi Air Hostess discriminated for their looks & accents, Adivasi Woman branded witch, killed on Intl Women’s Day, Toto tribe in Bengal faces extinction due to their marriage system, Dongria Kondh Adivasi (Indigenous) Groups Step Up Protests Over Mining Project, Molestation cases in Govt Residential School for tribal girls, Key witness in Adivasi killings become news materials, Cops booked for rape to rape of four Khond Adivasi women, Study reveals migration of Adivasi has increased from forests; even the forest cover was not altered, Security forces raid in the Naxal village, Adivasi festival enthralls people in Himachal’s Kinnaur valley, Adivasi belt of Bastar witnessed a naked violation of the constitutional provisions, 30 Adivasi languages on verge of extinction, Starvation deaths in Chenchu Adivasi of Nallamala forest, Andhra Pradesh, Adivasi Communities in India: Development and Change, Paharia adivasi youth killed by their community members for witchcraft practice in Jharkhand, Delete your Anti-Jharkhandi contents on world wide web (www) or be ready for consequences – An Open Warning from Jharkhand Cohort to all alleged bloggers, The national pre-marital sex ratio among male youths is around 15 to 16 percent and three to five percent among female youths.