I wish I could say that the cancer never returned but it did. A whole nation saved, revived, and energized because a young shepherd dared to see life from the top down. But notice David’s answer. So on the fortieth day, a father – Jesse – calls his teenage son who was tending the sheep far removed from the action. We only need to stand under it. But before they can celebrate, a sight unfolds before them, the likes of which they have never seen before. Don’t be afraid. Place your confidence in God who will fight the giants for you. Now the day has come. of the circumcision that shifted David’s perspective. I love this verse, verse 16. a young man named David, a teenager who comes upon the scene where this giant He’s like Eli Manning on a rollout. So David sees that this giant has “He’s blocking the way of God. Scared and without hope, the armies of Israel saw David as a ninety eight pound weakling, but God saw him as a faithful giant who towered over Goliath. Don’t you see how big, how brutal, how strong this man is”. However, with God's help we can finish whatever we start because the Bible says, "With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26 NKJV). When he cut off his head.” No, not really. The soldiers are saying, “Do you see that guy? Simply because he wants to destroy you with fear, guilt, hate, love for worldly things. All contributions are tax-deductible. Why should they? But why is it so important to make us fall before these giants to make us fall down to them. God does not want you to give up – He wants you to get up. And the teenager became a man. He had no experience in war, and no training in war fighting. Later we all gathered around the young woman in the recovery room. First Samuel 17:40 tells us that after David picked up the five stones, he “approached the Philistine.” When he took that first step, Goliath was a dead man. ''Giants'' are not something that you dream up. If you read through the Psalms, or you examine the lives of men like Job or Solomon, particularly as he wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, or even in reading [...], David Jeremiah - Slaying the Giant of Anger, Early in the 1970s, a promising young American pianist gave a concert in the chamber music room of the Erawan Hotel in Bangkok. He’s fearful. It is what we fight everyday. THE TROUBLE WITH GIANTS IN OUR LIVES. Please note that last sentence. First, he’s a jerk. These questions are what you may have asked yourself an of you children and grandchildren. There are so many times that I go to bed at night with a problem on my mind that I need to confront and by the time I spend the night tossing and turning and wrestling with it all night in my mind, by morning it has grown way out of proportion. When we are confronted with the problems and difficulties and challenges of life, they don’t begin as giants, but are often blown out of proportion by our own fears and anxieties. And when he arrives he sees this giant man, standing in the valley, weapons at the ready, challenging and taunting the army of Israel, who are cowering on the mountain top above. And her father asked me to have a prayer. covenant. I think we've all experienced these frustrations at some point in our life. The man was rushed to the hospital [...], David Jeremiah - Slaying the Giant of Procrastination, They did a survey not long ago and 98% of the people in any large audience have experienced procrastination at one time or another, and the other 2% hadn't gotten around to thinking about it yet. He’s just excited to be on the battlefield and away from those sheep. They all that this was a joke. They would fight to the death and the army of the winner would win the entire battle. Never again would he be taken for granted. Each and every one of you have a purpose a purpose for God for Jesus for the Holy Spirit. Ambassadors of the Devil. Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees,And looks to God alone,Laughs at impossibilities, And cries, “It shall be done!”. I suspect that every time the story was told, Goliath got a little bigger and David got a little smaller.