Nor programmed a single line of code. 4. they sell you smoke and tell you its cool. Check out the Gates vs. Jobs … But not without Wozniak. How, The Deepest Depths of the Burrow is a film all about the lifestyle and subculture that is associated with urban art. There are some moving memories and some private reminiscences, a return to our shared history and a new and determined perspective about our own collective future. Frank Gardner was the BBC's first-ever security correspondent, he travelled the world unhindered until June 2004 when Frank was shot six times by al-Qaeda gunmen whilst he was reporting on the growin, If innocence has a face then surely it is that of three-year-old Madeleine McCann, who in May 2007 went missing from her family holiday home. In Palo Alto, California, another duo emerged: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, two high school students who were obsessed with new technology, established the Apple computer company in April 1976. Kubernetes: the Savior of AI/ML Business value? 8. In 1995, Toy Story was the first fully computer-animated film to be released. [NatGeo]-Mentes Brillantes. im a geek and i want to stuff him in a locker. Fight off the distractions so you can get back to work! By continuing, you agree He dropped out of Harvard to concentrate on his business. Oh, it’s so you can insert a link to your Facebook page … what a pathetic tosser. Sales were phenomenal, but the Apple II had a serious handicap, and Gates had the solution: BASIC. I couldn’t deal with it. “There was a pretty strong disagreement when Windows came out … Of all of the things that have happened between the two companies, that was the thing that upset Apple the most …” says former Microsoft president, Jon Shirley. On May 30, 2007, two of America’s most brilliant minds, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, sat down for a joint interview at the All Things Digital Conference. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as Chief Executive Officer until 2000. Hot and cold. I couldn’t concentrate on the facts because of how annoying this guy was. Is air travel really bad for the environment. I really didn’t want to follow their rules…” This hints at the image of an uncompromising and remorseless Gates that some geeks may have formed in the late 1990s when the U.S. government brought an antitrust action against Microsoft. Gates decided to leave Microsoft and work full time at the foundation that he heads with his wife, Melinda, instead. Wink sets out on a massive adventure! Jobs Vs Gates: The Hippie And The Nerd. Steve Jobs about Microsoft, 1996, Rivals: Windows, Toy Story and two billionaires. The episode is set to air on National Geographic Channel on June 1. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates - YouTube He decided to do the same thing in philanthropy,” says former Microsoft marketing executive Rowland Hanson. A remembrance on Microsoft’s official blog shared this archival photo of young Paul Allen. No, im afraid steve jobs never built ANY computers. uff,i really wanted to believe that human race was progressing with light-speed but after seeing those comments….. At the beginning of the 1980s, Jobs and Gates were still under 30, but they were the two key players in a rapidly expanding industry. 1. A native of Seattle and son of a well-off family, Bill Gates created computer programmes and software during his high school and university days with his friend, Paul Allen. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates is the twenty-first installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the sixth episode of Season 2.It features the late co-founder and two-time CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, rapping against Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, along with a third-party entry from the sentient computer antagonist of 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000. Adversaries, opponents, fierce competitors and sometimes friends – all were extraordinary leaders who impacted our lives, shaped societies and influenced the course of history. I was good friends with Paul before that, had been to his house, gone to movies with him. Microsoft’s success and mediocre Mac sales brought out an authoritarian side in Jobs, causing rifts within his own company. I’m here waving at you this week because we’re hoping to boost our Supporter count. General Magic Technology, 21 Sep 03 well done, alvin hall! The philosophy of one of the characters in "A Bug's Life" mirrors Jobs' own motivation to "make a difference". As noted, Jobs’ life — and particularly his history with Bill Gates — has been told umpteen times already. He needs to unlock the mysteries of the PDP-10 computer. He became a little more like Bill Gates,” says Cringely. The ‘Mac guy’ and the 'PC guy’ were rivals, but together they created an industry. you just made it impossible for me to watch this program! “Bill writes code for days without sleep,” the documentary’s first episode begins. I got the power of a mind you could never be. And when asked about the worst day of his life, Gates thinks for a few seconds, then says “The day my mother died.” One of Gates’ sisters adds that “It’s a shame she’s not here. But while I’d rather see a documentary about Apple cover some new terrain, this one does have a few things going in its favor — such as some nice early archive material and new interviews from Steve Wozniak, Mitt Romney and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. “We were just bursting with excitement,” says the voice of Paul Allen. He built his business on delivering a user-friendly personal computer for ordinary people.  |  And that was sort of a breakthrough, and they were on a path to be together again, but …”. 9. I usually give every documentary a chance, but this is propaganda bullshit. Your email address will not be published. Adopted in his infancy, as an adult he traced his biological sister, the novelist Mona Simpson. Throughout the documentary there are stylized and lightly-animated illustrations of young Gates — arguing with his mother, printing out programs with Paul Allen, and eventually meeting Melinda. Stay on track, with the Trackmaster Fantasy Showdown! Gates says he agrees with the perception that he’s a technophile who thinks technology will save everything. It is a heartbreaking mystery, but ever since the night s, Ireland, it's a place that has been long associated with religion and conservative values, but over the last few years, the country has reinvented itself as a new and progressive Ireland. Gates says three million children were dying every year from a lack of freshwater. the apple os is a version of the free linux system which they put lipstick on and sold. And it’s kicking off with an episode about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. New documentary explores Steve Jobs’ ‘bitter rivalry’ with Bill Gates. IBM did not really think anybody else was going to successfully clone their PC, so they didn’t care,” says journalist Walt Mossberg. Biographies, Business, Technology / 26 Comments ... that he is pushing to show Jobs as doing what would make the most money while he emphasizes how intelligent Bill Gates is. Microsoft, 09 Sep 03 The National Geographic Channel is getting ready to a air a new documentary series called American Genius, which will explore famous business rivalries throughout history. Brought to you by the creators of the show SuperNews on Current TV! Personality. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 in the area now known as Silicon Valley. In 1980, Apple went public. ok, just watched and you’re all right about the narrator. A native of Seattle and son of a well-off family, Bill Gates created computer programmes and software during his high school and university days with his friend, Paul Allen. Love lasts. He turned into a businessman, which he had never been before. “Before Bill knew Paul was sick, there were attempts to reach out to one another, but it never happened. This time you control him! He has no business doing anything on television. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. It was a market dominated by the US multinational IBM. at least he picked the right person. “We were not competitors at all at that point. so many negative comments on a factual presentation.who ever he choses or not is not the word of God,its just HIS opinion and this should be obvious to all of you.baised or not baised,it just doesnt matter because its his personal opinion…the only thing important is that he present us with facts of both which he does fairly good. It’s included with Amazon Prime Video here. The controls can feel really weird when swinging the lightsabers. 8. Somebody get Chris Hansen on this dude right away!!! The presenter is absolutely terrible! EVER. In fact, part of the fun of the documentary is just seeing which great geek stories the film-makers chose to include from Bill’s high-stakes life in their three hour-long episodes. “Though they never worked in the same company, they created an industry together, and we have a hippie and a nerd … With Bill, it was always about the money. He took Pixar public and became a billionaire overnight,” says Pixar cofounder Alvy Ray Smith. This presenter is disgusting! And she wanted our family to be a force.”. But it also explains how this philanthropic impulse was rooted in Gates’ childhood. Choose sides with Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they battle for ultimate computing supremacy! I'm afraid I can't let you do that. If that’s your image of Bill Gates, you’ll enjoy the new documentary’s flashbacks to his life as a young geek. i give it 9 stars outa 10. indeed. Choose sides with Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they battle for ultimate computing supremacy! The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. Choose sides with Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they battle for ultimate computing supremacy! HUGE maps and secrets await! unwatchable because of utter tool. inaccurate bullshit, and thats just within the first 5 mins why bother making shows like this! We were within a year of the same age and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies, and most of it as rivals, but we always retained a certain respect ..,” says Gates. It’s a memory that they couldn’t let slip away — of how these two young men had started their very first software company together. “Maybe the smartest thing he ever did in computer business was that he got IBM to sign a deal that gave him a one-time payment, but allowed him to license it to other people who might clone IBM’s PC. Based on nothing. Steve Jobs was a much better marketer than Bill Gates was. Wink returns in an all new action stealth game! Is there something to be learned from the life of Bill Gates? Nelson Mandela vs De Klerk One of Gates sister remembered their mother was also a board member of several organizations. Steve jobs were more outgoing and a great public speaker. Jobs turned Apple into the world’s most valuable company [Reuters], Prix Export 2017 Documentaire : Face to Face / Duels par Balanga (16 x 52′). Wozniak (i probably misspelled that) was the tech, jobs never invented anything. 10. “Steve Jobs didn’t change the world. “I had never gotten drunk, and Paul got me drunk…” Gates is asked if Allen was a “corrupting” older brother. Bill Gates, on the other hand, was more open to ideas of employees to create concepts for new products. intel and ms crush them financially. Bill Gates v Steve Jobs. They were our allies at helping making the Macintosh happen. They have absolutely no taste … I have no problem with their success … I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products. With Windows 95, Gates and the PC dethroned the Mac, and the geek from Seattle became the richest man in the world. While Microsoft created BASIC, software that sold to all major computer companies, Jobs and Wozniak invented the first personal computer.