The Columbia Years des Musikers zusammen. Reeve has lived in the Compound ever since he could remember. Kai shows to have feelings for her, but she either doesn’t notice or doesn’t return them. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Kai and Mira got along very well after spending more time together. Grid View List View. They're essentially angels that live on earth, fighting the dark one and his minions, keeping him busy and unable to carry out his ultimate plan of domination….and that’s why you’re here right now!” Weirdo leaned forward, their monocles gleaming with light as they smirked at the distressed boy before them. The Hollow : Kai x Adam (Kaidam) Fanfiction. Kai has a small crush on Vanessa, She and him hang out in the cemetery away from the others and Vanessa caries Kai as they fly, charming him. Later in the show, Kai shows impressive knowledge in mechanics and fire bending powers. Oktober 2020 um 01:49 Uhr bearbeitet. All posts. Im Januar 2019 wurde sie um eine zweite Staffel erneuert, die am 8. The Hollow Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Chat. Hollow Skai (* 26. She is able to communicate with animals and creatures, breathe underwater, and swim at great speeds. In episode 4, Kai shows jealousy in Adam and Mira's friendship.

Adam blinked at the explanation the strange man gave him. Adam, Mira, and Kai are three teenagers who awaken in a room with no memories of themselves or each other; the only clue to their identities are their names written on small slips of paper in their pockets. September 1954; bürgerlich Holger Poscich) ist ein deutscher Journalist, Autor und Musikproduzent. I need all my writing attention directed elsewhere!--. But when a certain somebody might not make it, will his holiday season be full of drear? Part 1 4.2K 103 61. by MariNoirShipper. "“I’ve spent enough time sitting and laying around for the past couple of years. Mira can sometimes be annoyed by Kai's lack of judgment. Audio. It's the holiday season and Kai wants nothing more than to celebrate with the ones he loves. In the process, he begins to question the choices he'd made.

Kai trusts the trio and is willing to stay with them and accompany them. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 28. Juni 2018 auf Netflix veröffentlicht. Adam was always the one that helped Kai feel better, he was always the one who reassured him that everything was okay. (Basically rewrote a major plot point of the hollow and made an entire story out of it whoops!).